Remember these today

*Remember these today*


���� *Money does not respond to qualifications,*

��‍♂Otherwise the wealthiest people should have been *Ph.D holders.*

���� *Money does not respond to age,*

��‍♂Otherwise the world’s oldest twins would have been the *richest.*

��‍��It is not about your *degree,*

��‍♀ it is all about what you do after the *degree.*

��‍��Have you noticed that the *1st class degree holders* Are not the *Richest*
Neither are the *3rd class degree holders the poorest.* There is more to being *wealthy than education.*

��‍♀ The most important thing is *Mindset* and the next thing is a *Commitment to self DISCIPLINE.*

��‍♂The only person holding your key to success is *YOU.*

����‍♀There are no *secrets to success* but the challenge is that very few are ready and willing to pay the price to succeed.

��‍♂ *While some are partying and gisting, others are learning, planning and earning.*

��‍♀ Don’t sit down and complain about where you are, *it won’t change anything.*��‍

��If you must see change, the person that must change is *You*.

����Be assured, you have *all it takes to succeed and you will succeed.*������


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