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What is a SALARY? RAGP (Recharge And Get Paid) Pays..

Salary, is a specific amount of money that an employee is paid for work done.

The big question is Which type do you earn?

1. *Onion Salary:* – You grab it, you open it, and you cry.

2. *Storm Salary:* – You don’t know when it’s coming or going.

3. *Menstrual Salary:* – It comes once a month and lasts only four days.

4. *Magic Salary:* – You touch it and it disappears.

5. *Amnesia Salary:* – You can’t remember what you spent it on.

6. *Time Travelling Salary:* – You spend it paying various debts even before you collect it.

7. *Active Salary* – Once you stop working, it stops.

But there is another one called *RESIDUAL INCOME*

What is Residual Income?
*You work once, and it keeps paying you over and over and over again even AFTER you have stopped working.*

Whether it’s magic salary, amnesia salary or onion salary, the moment it STOPS coming, your life becomes unbearable.

*Financial LITERACY is the tool needed to TRANSFORM your salary into a RESIDUAL INCOME, so you can create financial freedom and time freedom.*

*ONLY YOUR INVESTMENT can keep you going even after all the onions, amnesty, traveling, active salaries have left you drenched.*

Research has it that the poorest group of people in the world are Salary earners, next to beggars.

They live in a vicious cycle of poverty managed on 30 days. Salary is continuously being awaited every month and any slight delay brings about heartbreaking anxiety, pressure and disappointment.

*Salary Is a short term solution to a life time problem.*

Salary alone cannot solve your money problems. You need multiple Sources of income to balance.

The tax returns form contains about 11 income streams, salary is just one.

Don’t live Your Life fishing with just one hook, there are many fishes in the ocean.

*Salary Is the value someone has put on your effort, How much do you value yourself?*

You can’t increase in value, unless you VALUE yourself differently.

Life Is a trade off between time, effort and reward. To be rewarded more, you have to become more valuable.

Most salary earners end up poor in the long and short term.

*Salary is the bribe they gave you to forget your dreams*.


RAGP (Recharge And Get Paid) can help transform you from Monthly to Daily Earning.. Ask me how

Remember these today

*Remember these today*


���� *Money does not respond to qualifications,*

��‍♂Otherwise the wealthiest people should have been *Ph.D holders.*

���� *Money does not respond to age,*

��‍♂Otherwise the world’s oldest twins would have been the *richest.*

��‍��It is not about your *degree,*

��‍♀ it is all about what you do after the *degree.*

��‍��Have you noticed that the *1st class degree holders* Are not the *Richest*
Neither are the *3rd class degree holders the poorest.* There is more to being *wealthy than education.*

��‍♀ The most important thing is *Mindset* and the next thing is a *Commitment to self DISCIPLINE.*

��‍♂The only person holding your key to success is *YOU.*

����‍♀There are no *secrets to success* but the challenge is that very few are ready and willing to pay the price to succeed.

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COZA: Gospel Artiste Zack Dekera Sends A Strong Message To Fellow Gospel Artistes

Uprising Nigerian Gospel artist Zack Dekera , who formerly based in Port Harcourt took to the media to send a striking message to his fellow gospel artists in the Nigerian industry. After facing some tough challenges that shook his ministry and family, Zack goes on soul searching and seeks to inspire and teach others what he has learned from his journey.
Zack Dekera is a lead singer with COZA workforce at Port Harcourt campus. He started his music career at age 20. Hosted 11 gospel concerts since 2007, tagged “The Truth”. He has two major singles to his credit. “TAKING OVER” AND “Lokuchina”

He is a graduate in mathematics/computer science. A Gospel singer married to Anita Dekera with son -Dewan Dekera.

He was once working with Intels Nigeria Ltd at Onne Port Harcourt as a CCTV operator. There he was able sponsor his music passion effectively and affected lives as well. But when the country entered recession making many companies to reduce staff strength he was affected. He shares;

“I ventured into palm oil business with some money I got from company so as to have sustaining income for family while he searched for another. But got duped along the line which left me no choice than to sell my car and some house appliances so as to travel out of the country in search for greener pastures. Along the line I got duped too by agents. I had no choice but to send my pregnant wife and son to stay with my mother in-law in Delta State, while I relocated from PH to Lagos since the house we lived in was already expired by two years.

I applied so many places for job to no avail. In order to keep things rolling for the family I decided to do laborer jobs to get daily pay.

Good reads: All about Dangote Flour Mills:

All about Dangote Flour Mills

Probably every Nigerian knows of the billionaire businessman Aliko Dangote and his companies. Today, we are going to pay close attention to one of his ventures, namely Dangote Flour Mills Plc. Join us, as we talk about the history of the company, its business profile and the people who occupy the highest ranks in the business.

Short history of Dangote Flour Mills

It all started back in 1999, when one of the biggest and fastest growing conglomerates in Nigeria Dangote Industries Ltd opened a new division by the name of Dangote Flour Mills. The company began with a single mill in Apapa, which produced 500 metric tons per day.

However, it soon expanded, as the year 2000 saw the opening of the new mill in Kano. Then, another mill was opened in Calabar in 2001. In 2005, Dangote Flour Mills expanded to Ilorin.

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How I became a billionaire even without a university degree – Folorunso Alakija

How I became a billionaire even without a university degree – Folorunso Alakija

– One of the richest women in Africa, Folorunso Alakija, has made stunning revelation about her success

– She said she became a billionaire without a university degree

– Alakija admitted that she achieves greatness in life because of her love for God

One of the richest women in Africa, Folorunso Alakija, has made a revelation about her life that not so many people know of.

According to the billionaire, she was able to achieve greatness in life even without a University degree.

READ ALSO: Breaking: Yobe Governor Gaidam faults army’s claim, says no abducted schoolgirl rescued yet

NAIJ.com gathered that Alakija took to Instagram to share this piece and she also opened up that she is the 8th child in her family of about 52 children.

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News: We are not sure of the true situation of the missing girls – Minister Lai Mohammed reportedly says as he visits Yobe

Just in: We are not sure of the true situation of the missing girls – Minister Lai Mohammed reportedly says as he visits Yobe

Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s information minister, visited Yobe state on Thursday, February 22, to ascertain the true situation following a recent attack on a school in Dapchi and the abduction of some children by members of the Boko Haram insurgency.

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Nathaniel Bassey Pens Touching Message About Billy Graham’s Death

In the last 24 hours or so, News Media, social media and every other forms of Media have been awash with stories, captions and testimonies about this ONE LIFE. Billy Graham. Even secular News Media have spoken in such a honorable manner about this Man of God. As I read and listen closely, I’m yet to see anything that speaks about his material possessions. He hasn’t dominated global headlines because of riches and material wealth. But instead the whole of creation is standing because of the JESUS He preached so unmistakably and unambiguously, and the accompanying Life He lived. I read of Don Moen’s testimony whose Father in law was saved due to Billy’s Radio Broadcast in the 1950s. And because of that one experience changed the whole course of life of that family. One of whom is Don’s Wife. Imagine the number of Pastors saved, the Ministries Born, and the multitudes eternally saved because one man preached and lived JESUS.

I did a search on google this morning and found out the name BILLY GRAHAM was the most trending name in the World in 24 hours. Something many seek after. But something another man achieved even without seeking. But rather by seeking Christ’s kingdom and righteousness. And not just that – in the past 24 hours, there’s been so much mention of the name JESUS on secular news media and on social media because of Evangelist Graham.As I read all of these, it becomes clear what God intends our lives to be. One that dispenses the GLORY OF GOD. Paul puts it this way…. “But thank God! He has made us his captives and continues to lead us along in Christ’s triumphal procession. Now he uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume.”

‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭2:14‬ ‭NLT‬‬.

As the body of Christ world over celebrates the transition of one of her generals, this occasion leaves me with some pertinent questions. What am I preaching? And How am I living? Am I preaching and living Christ? What fragrance is my life exuding? And what fragrance would it leave behind?

It is true what Jesus said, that a man’s life does not consist of the things that He owns.

And I dare to add, “but rather, about the LIVES He touched.” WHAT A LIFE !

DOWNLOAD Music: K.I – In Your Name

After the release of his single”I AM THAT I AM” gospel singer/songwriter and producer K.I is here with another spirit-filled worship sound, The song is a chant that talks about the power and might in the Name of Jesus. The song was produced, mixed and mastered by the multi-talented music maestro K. I.Download and be encapsulated in the atmosphere of worship this song brings.

Download, Enjoy & Share your thought

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Connect with K.I:

Facebook: Kingsley A Innocent

Instagram and twitter: @kiz_empire

Story Line: *MARRIED BUT NO SEX – Part 2


*A Story Written By Ayodele Adeoye

‘Would I supervise your spiritual life and also supervise your sexual life? Sexuality in marriage does not contaminate spirituality. Bro Solo why have you not touched your wife? I am your pastor and I have been sleeping with my wife for more than 20 years now. Prayer cannot replace sex in marriage. You are now married and licensed to have sex. Making love to your wife is no more a sin.’

‘I know it is possible you are a virgin but today virginity is no longer profitable. If you don’t know how to do it, I am here to teach you. You can ask me any question on sex. Sis Rose is now yours and by my authority, her parent’s authority and the authority of heaven you can kiss her, romance her and sleep with her as many times as is convenient for both of you. The way you rush your first meal after a long chain fasting is the same way I expect you to rush your wife. If there’s an issue, you can confide in me.’

‘Thank you, addy, we shall do the needful as you have counselled’, Bro Solo said. After seeing the Pastor off to the other side of the road where his car was parked, the Pastor turned to the couple and said, ‘Sis Rose ensure you call me later to let me know how everything goes. Bye! Bye!’ Read More »



99% of the time you do the following……

Recharge ur phones
Load data
Subscribe cables , DStv , gotv…….
Pay utilities like PHCN

Using one platform or the other , like road side vendors , Quick Teller, Banks e.t.c

Some people might be saying “I use my mobile banking for all these stuff” *but do we get paid for it , the answer is? No.!*

*we even get cheated or extorted at times*

Some vendors sell at 110 , 210 ……..

*Banks charge us for sms alert after using their platform to carry out this operations*

Because these are utilities Services that we can’t do without..

🍒*So…In simplified terms:* 🍒

1. The name of this business is called

2. The business has 6 packages (Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum)
and you can register for any one of them. You can also upgrade from a lower package to a higher package, whenever you desire.

3. Each of these packages have different benefits (as will be elaborated on during the main presentation).

4. You join the business by paying the registration cost which is a minimum of N5,000 to a maximum of N50,000, depending on the package you are registering for.

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1. *_Mind_*
2. *_Attitude_*
3. *_Relationship_*
4. *_Leadership_*
5 *_Financial Management_*

_These are the secrets of every successful entrepreneur and business builders in network marketing industry._

_Over my 13 years experience in the industry, I have been able to study these courses and able to discover why network marketing is designed to help everyone to become successful in life but only a few people succeed in the system while most people hanged up._

_The research in course of studies shows me that, the people that fail in network marketing fail in 5 courses or one of the courses._

*_You may not get the real details of theoretical and practical aspect of these courses in any university in the world except in NETWORK MARKETING EDUCATION SYSTEM._*

_If you can succeed in network marketing based on the five courses you able to developed yourself with, nothing can stop you to succeed in any area of financial pursuit in life._

#Secret Of Entrepreneurs#

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Business: Secret_to_divine_escape

Fly out of poverty by studying this attached material.

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Business: Things_to_know_about_RAGP


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*NO MORE EXCUSES*👈👈🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
1. I don’t have money
2. I can’t talk to people
3. I don’t do stuff like this
4. I’m too Busy

Your excuses may be legit but they won’t improve your Life.

You must Understand One fact that the current economic state is not aware of how much you earn a Month. It keeps on increasing without Your Approval

If you Like, take a trumpet, blow round the entire Nation, go on Strike, Paint Yourself Black, protest nude, it will not change a thing.

The only One thing you CAN do for Yourself, Your Family, Your Children, Your Friends is to grow your Income to Match the Current Expenses

Do you know some people Became Billionaires as a Result of inflation in the Economy?

All things work together for Your good if only you know how to Leverage from Opportunities, be it Rainy Season or Dry Season.

RECESSION is often a time for Great Financial Successes for those who Grab and Hold Opportunities.

Take the bold step to be in Charge of Your Financial Life.


This is Your Life, go beyond the Limits, it’s beyond Saying Amen, “It can Only get better “.


👉No more Excuses! No! 🙉🙊🙊🙈


👉 Choose financial freedom !
🏦🏨🏨🏛🏛🕌 🏠🏘🎉🚘🚔🚔🚖


How to register 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

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*Click Get Recharge*

2. Fill in your form accurately. Under postal, write +234. Remember to click the small box in front of the “I agree to the terms and conditions”

3. After clicking register, you will be taken to the payment page. Ways to register:

– Through Bank Payment

**To register through the bank you make payment to the company’s following account through internet transfer or over the counter deposit in the bank:

*Please note that USSD/SHORT TRANSFER CODE & ATM transfer are not encouraged as the narration is not detailed and this could cause delayed funding or no funding at all*

*Narration/Description while making transfer or cash deposit should be in this format*
*Reg 4 User name.*
*e.g Reg 4 Amina234*


ZENITH BANK, 1014812771

After that you send SMS to the company’s contact line on the site 08182098378 or 08082288879 stating your payment details and username, asking them to activate your username.

Once your payment is confirmed, your username will be activated.


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