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Lyrics: Baraka Zangu (My Blessings) Rebecca Soki

Mara mingi moyo unakataa (A lot of times my heart fails me)
Hata damu unashindwa kusukuma (It fails even to pump blood)
Nikiwaza mengi nimepitia (When thinking of what I have been through)
Ila imani ndio inanisukuma (It is only faith that pushes me on)

Bado nangoja (I am still waiting) x4

Napata kizunguzungu sana (I am always faint)
Ninapata kizunguzungu (I am faint)
Sometimes maisha inakuwa ngumu sana (Sometimes life is very hard)
Hata nimekosa nguvu (That I become faint)
Lakini nakumbukuka, ahadi zako (But then I remember your promises)
Tena nakumbuka matendo yako (I also remember your work)
Uko mwaminifu ukisema unatenda (You are faithful to do what You promised)
Wewe ni mwaminifu kwa ahadi zako (You are faithful to your promises)

Zile baraka zangu, Bwana (Lord, my blessings promised to me)
Zile baraka zangu (bado nangoja) (I am still waiting for my blessings)
Na Zile baraka zangu, Bwana (Lord, My blessings)
Zile baraka zangu (bado nangoja) (I am still waiting for my blessings)
Na zile ahadi zangu, Bwana (Those promises made to me, Lord)
Na zile ahadi zangu (bado nangoja) (I am still waiting for those promises)
Zile, zile (Those, those)

Shughulika na hali yangu (Look after my health)
Nimelala sakafuni (I have slept on the floor)
Kwenye baridi mateso mengi (There is a lot of suffering in the cold)
Shughulika na hali yangu najua mwokozi (Look after my heart, you know it My Savior)
Uje mapema wala huchelewi (Come quickly, You do not tarry)

Nimehustle haswa (I have hustled hard)
Nimetokwa jasho jasho nikitegea (I have sweated while waiting)
Tena kama godi, tena kama Esta (Just like .?., and just like Esther)
Baba nakutegemea, Mungu nakutegemea (Father I depend on You, God I depend on You)


Tegemeo la moyo wangu, ni wewe Yesu (Jesus, You are the one my heart depends on)
Tumaini la moyo wangu, ni wewe Kristu (Christ you are the hope of my heart)
Nakungojea (I wait for You) x4



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PRAISE Report: No More Desire To Smoke, Marriage Improved

In 2011, a friend at work mentioned Joseph Prince and his television program. That got me interested and I began to watch his program. In the following years, I learned so much by listening to his sermons and declaring my righteousness in Christ.

One day, while sitting at my table smoking a cigarette, 1 Corinthians 6:19 came to mind:Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you. I decided to put out my cigarette and that moment marked the end of my twenty-five-year smoking habit. Since then, I’ve not had any craving for cigarettes and I can’t even stand their smell. Before that, I’d always wanted to quit but couldn’t do it by my own efforts.

Not only that, my relationship with my husband has improved greatly. I’m also freed from my fear of thunderstorms and terrifying thoughts about life. I feel so blessed.

Thank you so much, Pastor Prince, for proclaiming the wonderful message of grace and helping the lost receive Jesus as their true shepherd. Your teachings have helped me come to a greater understanding and appreciation of what Jesus has done for me at the cross. May God bless you, your family, and your church.

Anonymous | Florida, United States


Praise, Worship, Thanksgiving, Dance and Shout of Joy by The Gratitude and The Avalanche Choir of COZA

Must watch… cause the impact of your praise must move to another level

Thank boss@Tim Godfrey