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Music / Lyrics: Yeshua_Olumide Iyun

Yeshua Hamashiach
Holy is Your name
Yeshua, Messiah
Worthy is Your name

O Yeshua
O Yeshua
You are holy
You are worthy

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Music: Dr. Paul Enenche | Nara Ekele | Feat. Dunamis Voice Int’l x Osinachi Nwanchukwu [@DrPaulEnenche]

Founder and senior pastor of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr Paul Enenche puts out a brand new single titled “Nara Ekele (Accept My Praise)”The song features Dunamis Voice Int’l andMrs Osinachi Nwachukwu.



“I present to you my new song Nara Ekele (Accept My Praise). A song of praise that describes the Almightiness of God in multi-dimensional ways in the Igbo language. As you listen may you experience His Almightiness in every direction”. – Dr Paul Enenche

Watch the live recording video below:





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Music/Lyrics: Great God_Praise2life

Great God Great God Great God
We magnify you
Great God ,you are great Oh God
You are great God
We magnify You

Verse 1
In the morning when i wake
I like to praise my God
Tell him how much i love Him
He’s so amazing i say
You are stronger than the strongest one
You are bigger than the biggest
You are better than the best
You are great Oh God

You are great God
You are great oh God
You are great God
We magnify you

Verse 2
You established the heavens and the earth
set the pillars of the earth in place
You created all flesh
You are great O God
We call You salvation, Redemption,Protection,Direction
wonderful, counselor ,mighty God
Ain’t nothing You can not do
You are great O God
We magnify You. We magnify You, We magnify You
You are great Oh God.

You are great Oh na na We magnify You


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Music: Jahdiel | Winning [@Jahdielofficial]

Popular Gospel artist Jahdiel comes your way again with another dynamic sound. This is different from the usual sound she puts out and it is called “Winning” and tagged #WeekdayGospel.

The song preaches resilience and the attitude of always winning no matter what comes your way.The song would definitely bless you and teach you how to win through every round.

This is definitely the Gospel suitable for the weekday.

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Music Vid: Gbenga Adenuga | No Limitations (+ Audio) | @gbengaadenuga

Creative and energetic Gospel music minister,Gbenga Adenuga has released another powerful and infectious worship song, “No Limitations”.

The well laced and curled single was premiered with an absolutely detailed and crispy lyrics visual to help the fans master the song lyrics and rhythm. The song is another brilliant declaration of GOD’s superemacy and unique problem solving attribute.

According to Gbenga Adenuga, every situation we faced or facing reveals a unique problem solving attribute of God. Our faith in Jesus re-emphasizes and re-confirms He is the solution to every problem.

The song “No Limitation” according to him is a testimony of his personal life story! (the troubles, the struggles, the mistakes and fears and Jesus’ responses).

“This is a song about the story of my life, my troubles, fears, mistakes and Jesus’ responses – I have taken some crazy steps but He made a way, I have been in need but never put to shame, He has been my Sun and my Rain, perfect for all situation and its only because of that I can live without limitations!”

Watch video below:




Song written by @gbengaadenuga

Produced by @florocka

Art Design @phizle01

Video @tutvgraphics


Music: Protek | Ngalaba | Feat. Frank Edwards x Nsikak [@protekniks]

Protek Illasheva teams up with the RockTown bossFrank Edwards and the prolific Guitarist Nsikak and the result; a beautiful, feel good vibe titled“NGALABA”.

The song will definitely have you pushing the repeat button over and over again

Produced by: Egar Boi. Mixed/Mastered by Okey Sokay.

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Frank Edwards Welcomes American Singer Nicole C. Mullen To Rock Town Records

Gospel music sensation Frank Edwards has announced the integration of American Gospel music artiste Nicole C Mullen to RockTown Records.

RockTown Records, owned by Frank Edwards is house to artistes such as Gil Joe, Nkay, Divine Ukaogo and more.

Frank Edwards did not give the details of the terms of the integration but said that fans should expect something soon.

“With Jesus joy!! Signed & sealed by the Holy Ghost… I say welcome to ROCKTOWN Singer, song writer, producer, instrumentalist, great woman of God @nicolecmullenofficial !!”Frank Edwards announced.

Nicole C Mullen

“LETS WIN THE WORLD FOR JESUS!! If only the world know what is about to happen. WAIT FOR THE BOOOOOM !! This is beyond music business fam!! This is the move of GOD !!!😀🙏 #supernatural #rocktownindabuilding. GUY’s pls go follow @nicolecmullenofficial something is about to happen!!!🙏🙏 #Glory2God”


Anticipate: Lord Louis Production_Sweet_Sweet_Love

Keep your fingers crossed and an open mind as we await the release of an exceptional mind-blowing Album from your very own ”Lord Louis”.

Sweet sweet love is everywhere.

The Album will be released on Monday 16th of April 2018.

View Banner in Alaba International market.

You can get the album in stores nationwide, ITUNES, Amazon.


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Anticipate: Mr. Bright_We_shall_see_Jesus_ft_AEMMY



The year is still young and Abuja/Kaduna-base Gospel rapper Bright GAMLI who calls Music his biggest passion, will be dropping a new/hit song on the 9th of May 2018 which happens to fall on His birthday, titled “We shall see Jesus” the rapper who is known for his unique style and exceptional lyrics will be really speaking to us.

The Abuja/Kaduna-base Gospel rapper, songwriter and member of the PWH (Powerful War Horses) movement crew (aimed at impacting generation through music), Mr. Bright is on a roll, to bless, impact and reveal God’s plan and love towards us (eternal life) in a unique way.

Featuring AEMMY, A mellifluous combination singer showcasing her abundant gifting of music genres ranging from worship to inspirational and life-giving songs, spiced with a distinctive flavour that motivates and energizes you to worship God even in the very confines of your home.

He (Mr. Bright) says,

The song ‘’we shall see Jesus’’ came to me when I discovered the real thing we have in Christ (eternal life). I am using this piece to tell the children of God going through a THOUGH time to hold on to the hope in Christ because we shall see Him face to face.
So stay tuned people, cause soon Mr Bright will be speaking in “We shall see Jesus”. Let’s wait and listen to what he got to say!



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Insta: pwh_movement

Twt: @misterBright



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Aka Jehovah (The arm of the Lord) Gabriel Eziashi

Video/Music Lyric: Aka Jehovah (The arm of the Lord) Gabriel Eziashi

Aka Aka Ya (The arm of the Lord)
Aka Jehovah na’eme mma (The arm of the Lord does great things)
Olu ebube ya (The display of His splendor)
Nke na eruari na’ebem no (I see all around me)
Isi iyi nke ndu (The stream of life)
Nke na dighi ata’ta (That never runs dry)
Aka aka ya (The arm of the Lord)
Aka Jehovah na’eme mma (The arm of His strength does great things)



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Congratulations: Nathaniel Bassey & Wife Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations: Nathaniel Bassey & Wife Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary


The onise iyanu Nathaniel Bassey crooner took to his Instagram account to share the goodnews

Few weeks ago after we got to the hotel from a night of worship in Abuja, my wife said to be “honey, a woman came to me and asked that I pray for her so her sisters or daughters can have a husband like mine?.” While she heard that prayer, she said in her heart, this woman has no idea what she is asking for. And we had a good laugh. I remember Jesus answering same when some disciples asked Him a question. “ 38 But Jesus said unto them, Ye know not what ye ask: can ye drink of the cup that I drink of? and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?” My wife pays a huge price for my calling. Believe me when I say huge. My trips, prayer & music times, calls, church, counseling folks. I remember some of the nights during the Hallelujah Challenge when friends had to take over from me, I would be upstairs praying for my children who were both ill as well as my wife who at some point joined throwing up, and would come down to continue the praise session. Those early times of our marriage when it hit her the sort of schedule I had, I’d come home to find her in tears. Would hug and encourage her. Then much later when she’s fine I’d ask jokingly, if she would still marry me if she had an inkling of my schedule, she’ll pause, smile and say yes. That’s why it’s sad to see people come on social media to rain abuses on pastors (genuine ones I mean), tearing them apart because of some little things they have, not knowing that most of them weren’t even bought but given. After years of sowing seeds. Anyway, that’s for another day.
Today’s to celebrate God’s faithfulness in our lives for the past 5 years and looking forward to the next 85 at least (😌). Here we don’t divorce. We are here for LIFE! And to my dear wife, thanks for being with me. The days I upset you, and those you upset me more (😂🤣), and for the great and trying times we’ve been through together by the GRACE OF GOD, I say thank you.
And to JESUS, our LORD, our keeper, anchor, sustainer, defender and supporter, we say A BILLION THANKS
From your husband, friend, Pastor, Prophet and personal comedian, I say a Happy 5th anniversary to US. Our children call us BLESSED. 🎉🎊🎈🎁💌🎎🎏🎇💒⛪🎺🎼🎸🥁🎹


MusicVid: Kenny K’ore | Ese [@kennykore]

MusicVid: Kenny K’ore | Ese [@kennykore]

Gospel music minister Kenny K’ore is out with a new video titled “Ese”. The song chronicles Kenny K’ore’s journey from the days of “Olori Oko” of the Infinityfame till present. Kenny K’ore is grateful to God for the journey so far and expresses this in the new video.

“This video captures the serene joy of my journey as a Gospel artiste; The Journey that started with Infinity of the “Olori Oko” fame.

Directed by Akin Alabi.

Watch the video below:


Music / Lyrics: I’m only Human – Florocka

I’m only Human – Florocka

I wanna live right
I wanna love right
I wanna do the very best I can to live the life of a Christian
I wanna be faithful
I wanna be hopeful
I wanna give the very best of me in everything I do

No matter how hard you try
You can never please everyone
I’d rather live a righteous life

‘Cause I’m only human
(I’m only human)
I’m not an angel
(I’m not an angel)
I know I’m not perfect
But I know I can get better than this
I’m only human
(I’m only human)
I’m not an angel
(I’m not an angel)
I know I’m not perfect at all
I’m only human

Verse 2
I wanna speak right
I wanna give right
I wanna live devoid of anger
Ain’t no use wasting my emotions
I wanna see right
I wanna touch right
I wanna do the very best I can to hear no evil and do no evil

No matter how hard you try
You can never please everyone no
I just rather live a righteous life

‘Cause I’m only human
(I’m only human)
No I’m not an angel
(I’m not an angel)
I believe I’m not perfect no
I’m not white as snow
But I’m really working on it
(I’m only human)
No I’m not an angel no
(I’m not an angel)

I know I’m not perfect at all
I’m only human

Said I’m a work in progress
Yes I know right now
(I may not really be who I really wanna be)

No ama keep working on me
Ama keep pressing on
(Nothing’s gonna hold me down)
I’ll never give up on myself no
Until I reach my promise land
Ama climb every mountain and soar every sea
Until my breakthrough comes I’ll never give up

(I’m only human)
I’m not an angel
(I’m not an angel)
I know I’m not perfect at all
Neither are you too
(I’m only human)
We all make mistakes
(I’m not an angel)
I know I’m not perfect at all
That’s what makes me human

If I fall I’ll surely rise again
And again (3x)

Download song here

Download song here


LyrIcs : A new dawn – Angel Opomulero

A new dawn – Angel Opomulero

elema elemamama 8X

Verse 1
In the beginning was the word
the word was with God and the word was God
the path of the righteous
shinning bright and bright until the perfect day
from glory to glory we’re moving
Jehovah has settled our case now
a new dawn has come in our lives
from glory to glory we’re moving
Jehovah has settled our case now
a new dawn has come in our lives

Repeat verse

It’s my new dawn o o o
new beginning new life
it’s my new dawn o o o
new hope new strength
it’s my new dawn o o o
new beginning new life
it’s my new dawn o o o
new hope new strength

Verse 2
Testimonies all around me new dawn
things are changing, it’s a new beginning new dawn
if you believe it, you will receive it new dawn
it’s my season I can feel it new dawn

Repeat chorus 3X

New hope new strength 2X

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Music video + Lyrics: He is Lord Lara George

Music video + Lyrics: He is Lord Lara George

Oh, he is lord he is Lord
Tell Him He’s your Father
Tell Him He’s your Ruler
Tell Him He’s your Master
Tell Him He is Lord
Tell Him He’s your Healer
Your Provider and your Maker
Tell Him He’s your Saviour
Tell Him He is Lord

[Chorus] He is Lord/3x
Jehovah he is lord
{Repeat 2x}

He’s Jehovah Ebenezer
A Defense to those who know Him.
Tell Him He is Shammah
Tell Him He is Lord
Tell Him He’s your Lover
He is Alpha and Omega
Tell Him He’s your answer
Tell Him He is Lord.


He is bigger than the biggest Lord
He’s got more treasure than the south-south oil
You wonder why we go all over
Praising This Jehovah
Cant you see there’s is no one else
He is Lord/3x
Jehovah He is lord
{Repeat 2x}
You are Lord/3x
Jehovah you are lord.
(Repeat 5x)
You are Lord, Yes you are.

Listen here