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Music / Lyrics: Nobody_Pass_You_God_Thelma Benson

Be lifted high God of  creation, the God of the harvest
King of all nations ……….. yeah yeah yeah yeah
The one, the one who reigns he’ll never change
Ooooh yeah!

Nobody Pass you God
I AM that I AM
Nobody Pass you God
The Lion and the Lamb

Lover of my life, Lifter of my head
The one who lives and time is in His hands….
I AM that I AM,
Ruler and my King
You are my God…….. Oh oh yeah

Only you oh God be all glory, honour, power and majesty
Only you
Only you my King, we declare that you are God of everything
I look around and see the works that only you  can do
There’s none like you …… Awesome wonder
You’re Majesty, You’re Royalty, Authority you are
God of everything……. we hail your name

Only you….. only you
Only you God, only you.

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So my personal testimony continued….Tolu Adesina

So my personal testimony continued….Tolu Adesina

from last week #testimonytuesday I missed home and Mum and Dad so I left Lagos and came to kaduna. Very few people knew I was back…cuz I wanted to just spend time with my folks…but on the 30th I went to my home church (House on the rock) for Sunday service where everyone was happy to see me, my Pastor REV. BARNABAS ARASTUS insisted that on the 31st night before he comes up I would lead worship(it was a set up from heaven)….and I was like hmmm…but I agreed…so the night was blessed with so many anointed ministers and now it was my turn I GOT UP THERE AND BEGAN TO SING AND IN THE MIDST OF IT I HEARD A VOICE SAY…I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU FOR SEVEN YEARS…this broke my heart…. I WENT ON MY KNEES AND COULD’NT HOLD BACK THE TEARS…I dropped the mic and went back to my seat where I prayed a simple prayer LORD I’M SORRY FOR RUNNING FROM PURPOSE ALL THESE YEARS AND I’M GRATEFUL THAT YOU WAITED FOR ME…I SURRENDER TO YOU TOTALLY TODAY WHEREVER YOU LEAD ILL FOLLOW…and I felt the kinda peace I haven’t felt in seven years come into my heart… this was my tremendous turnaround IT CAME WITH CONFLICT AND LOOSING FRIENDS AND FANS AND FOLLOWERS AND INDUSTRY CRED. LOL BUT I GAINED PURPOSE IN GOD AND NOTHING ELSE COMPARES TO THAT…

Apostle Suleman Urges Nigerians To Stop Wishing Death For President Buhari

Apostle Suleman Urges Nigerians To Stop Wishing Death For President Buhari

Stop wishing the President death – Apostle Suleman Urges Nigerians

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Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Suleman Johnson while delivering a sermon in his church recently urged Nigerians to pray for the president who is currently receiving treatment abroad.

The controversial clergyman who has been in the news lately made this known during a sermon at his church in Edo-state.

“It is an irresponsible thing for people to be wishing a president death.” Apostle Suleman said.“Nobody who has a good heart, would be wishing a leader death. You don’t wish your leader death. Nigerians should be careful. Only God has the power of life and death. Stop wishing the President death. If your husband is sick do you wish him death? Do you know that man is somebody’s husband? If your father is sick do you wish him death? That is somebody’s father…and you are wishing him death. I know this thing I am saying now some Christians wouldn’t like it. Stop wishing him death. Pray for his health. Life belongs to God. Don’t wish any leader death. Only an irresponsible country wishes their leader death”.