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Monday Motivation – 5 Things To Quit Doing This Ember Months

Quit the blame game: If there is anything that is very common during ember months, it is the fact that people become more agitated.

While some sit down to complain and blame people for all their unaccomplished goals, others look back to the months and thank God for the little accomplishments they have recorded while also working hard to achieve more.

Whatever be the case, whether you have achieved much, little or nothing at all, the truth is that playing the blame game is the most unwise thing to do.

Most people even go as far as putting blames on witches and demons for their failures.

It doesn’t matter who or what you’re blaming, the truth is, the easiest way to restrain yourself from achieving much is to keep blaming.

Quit being irresponsible: One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is to think that the only way one can be irresponsible is to become a drunkard, prostitute etc.

They don’t understand that anyone who constantly passes the buck or stands on the sideline while attributing his/her responsibility to others is equally as irresponsible.

Understand that no one really owes you anything and start taking responsibility for the outcome of your life.

Whatever result you have recorded so far is as a result of the choices you’ve made and the actions you have taken in the past months.

Why should you point accusing fingers on demons for your poverty when it is clear that you are not prudent with the little resources that God has put in your care.

You blame the old woman in your village for your inability to get married even when you know that your attitude towards people is filthy.

Shouldn’t you rather be thinking of how to become more responsible with resources and also work towards improving your attitude?

Be responsible for yourself.

Quit procrastinating: Before you read on, pause for a while and think about those amazing goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

Have you achieved all, have you started working towards achieving them, or you’re still mopping around and dilly-dallying?

If you are waiting for a perfect condition to start, then I’m afraid to tell you that there will never be anything as such. There is no better time to start than now.

Quit moping for too long: Life is configured in such a way that we cannot always have it our way, sometimes things happen to you and you find yourself becoming moody and gloomy, and before you know it, you’re already moping around endlessly without really doing anything meaningful.

Certain things must have come your way in the cause of the year and it can be quite difficult to move on when these things happen, but you should always strive not to remain down for too long. Get up, dust yourself and keep moving.

Quit holding on to the past: holding on to past wrongs and offenses can be quite a future wrecking experience.

There must have been people who wronged you or caused you some havoc, but you must learn to let go.

Negative feelings can be mentally draining, it saps your energy to move on and keeps your mind in a constant state of obscurity; hence you’re not able to think clearly.

Though it may not be easy to do, however, you’ve got to forgive and let go.

In conclusion:

The year is running out and the worst thing you will do to yourself is to become complacent. Get to work and start doing that which is required to move you to your next level.

This ember month should not be a time when you move from one prayer house to the other chasing after demons that does even know you exist.

Let me tell you, the demons are not more powerful in ember month, just as God does not become less powerful. Focus on what God has accomplished for you on the cross through the finished work of Christ.

You have all it takes to achieve your goals, though the year is almost coming to an end, but if you will do all that I have told you today you will be amazed at how much you will achieve.

God bless you.


New Music: “That’s_Who_You_Are” Traimi Dave ft. Joshua Daniel+David Ehiabhi

Traimi Dave has officially releases the much anticipated single titled “THAT’S WHO YOU ARE” featuring Joshua Daniel (Revelation Musik) n David Ehiabhi (Dr. Slim)…

Traimi Dave hereby tagged his newest single “My Birthday Gift to my Fans” Listen, share and Download Listen


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THAT’S WHO YOU ARE LYRICS By Traimi Dave (feat. Joshua Daniel and David Ehiabhi)

I have seen a man, who took me the way I am lift me up from a miry clay, set me on the rock to stand Now I know the man, who chose me the way I am picked me up from a miry clay, set me on the rock to stand

Chorus: Jesus that’s who you are Wonderful king that’s who you are

I have looked around all over, sicknesses don’t last forever healing has come to stay by His word (come on brother, can i hear you sing something) I have moved around all over, poverty don’t last forever breakthrough has come to stay by His word

Spoken words: Some say you’re Isaiah, Jeremiah John the Baptist or just a catchiest but I know you are Alpha, Jehovah Rapha You’re my Healer, my Redeemer (You are Jesus) our Protector and our Provider, Deliverer (the son of the living God) our God, King and Father (wonderful King that’s who you are)

(Oh Jesus you are, you are) Jesus that’s who you are Wonderful king that’s who you are

Chorus continues…till fade. [The End]

  Your Breakthrough is Now…

Fact: Why are most Nigerian graduates unemployable

I’ll tell you a story.

There’s this girl who aced all her subjects in secondary school.

Not just acing but award-worthy educational success.

She was so good that at her Junior Secondary 3 (JSS 3) level, she was solving mathematical problems from Senior Secondary 1 & 2 (SS 1 & 2) curriculum.

1st Mistake

She loved Maths & computers but was admitted into the university to study Geology.

Today, she still thinks she would have been a statistics wizard if she’d been allowed to just study Math or Engineering. You know – subjects where she doesn’t have to always cram some qualitative garbage but provide quantitative solutions.

2nd Mistake

When she got into the university, she realized she didn’t have to study very hard. Very few people were bothering to anyway. She was extremely smart & could hold her own but it became easier to combine intellectual efforts with other students at assignments, tests & final exams.

The system allowed it.

All her friends did it so, why fight it?

3rd Mistake

While at school, no one ever taught her how to write a résumé or successfully approach interviews.

She, just like everyone around her wanted a good life but the system pretty much set them up to fail.

When she graduated, she met a professional at an international oil & gas company who asked her what she wanted to do in life & to explain her undergraduate degree experience but she was not prepared for that.

She gave answers which were weak, mostly incoherent, lacked precision or clarity.

She’d never thought of herself in that light.

The internet wasn’t readily accessible back then so she was pretty much left on her own with her fellow ignorant peers.

She also had a great & supportive family who she leaned on.

Luckily for her, she got some mentors, then left the country for her masters degree.

At 1st, she struggled at her Canadian university.

Correcting her 2nd mistake

She had to actually learn all those skills & resources she didn’t bother with back in Nigeria due to combined students’ efforts.

She had to read all those textbooks she never bothered with in her Nigerian university in order to excel at her program.

Correcting her 3rd mistake

She also met lecturers whose method of teaching was about empowering students to run with their ideas.

It wasn’t about multiple choice questions but making a case of why Case A is better/worse than Case B.

It made her actually think for the 1st time in her life. She learned how to make great presentations. It was a confidence boost. It was exhilarating!

She learned about plagiarism which is a very despicable thing. She also learned about self-development, professional development & presentations.

She learned it was ok to make decisions, make mistakes & then learn from them.

She became comfortable working alone & also with a team. She learned the power of independence.

She was a different person.

She became more confident about her thoughts & ideas. No one laughs at her mistakes nor condemns her for them.

Her bosses don’t care about always being right or barking orders at those under them. Team contributions is crucial, encouraged & needed.

Everybody is equal. No one feared anyone. It was a healthy environment. She was valued. She freely runs her program the way she sees fit.

This is my story.

There’s no correcting my 1st mistake. If I ever do, I’ll tell a story about it.

If you read this, you’d understand how the Nigerian system encourages laziness & might discourage talent because of envy or pride.

Many Nigerian graduates are victims of their own underdeveloped & redundant society.

Maybe with the internet, a few might self-improve. Otherwise, they’re unemployable because there’s very few people to teach them better.

Note to any Nigerian student reading this – don’t take the easy way out. Read not just to pass your examinations but to actually know.

You’d be truly a better person & student for it.

Good luck!


News: Be informed

Shared by a doctor …

For those who get up at night to check the house or urinate.

Each individual must take note of three and a half minutes.

Because it is important? Three and a half minutes will greatly reduce the number of sudden deaths.

Often this happens: a person who still looks healthy has died at night.

We often hear stories of people saying: “Yesterday, I was chatting with him, why did he die suddenly?

The reason is that when you get up at night to go to the bathroom, it is often done in a hurry.

We immediately stop and the brain does not have blood flow.

Why are “Three 1/2 minutes” very important?
In the middle of the night, when the desire to urinate wakes you up, for example, the ECG pattern may change.

Because upon rising suddenly, the brain will be anemic and cause heart failure due to lack of blood.

You are advised to practice the “Three 1/2 minutes”, which are:

1. When you wake up from sleep, stay in bed for the first minute and a half;

2. Sit in bed for the next 1 and a 1/2 minute;

3. Lower your legs, sitting on the edge of the bed for the last half minute.

After three and a half minutes, you will not have anemic brain and the heart will not fail, reducing the possibility of a fall and sudden death.

Share with your family, friends and loved ones.

It can occur regardless of age; young or old.

Sharing is showing interest. If you already know, consider this as a review. ”

Try to send this important Health Council to all your groups, and you / your family should also follow it.



Music video + Lyrics: He is Lord Lara George

Music video + Lyrics: He is Lord Lara George

Oh, he is lord he is Lord
Tell Him He’s your Father
Tell Him He’s your Ruler
Tell Him He’s your Master
Tell Him He is Lord
Tell Him He’s your Healer
Your Provider and your Maker
Tell Him He’s your Saviour
Tell Him He is Lord

[Chorus] He is Lord/3x
Jehovah he is lord
{Repeat 2x}

He’s Jehovah Ebenezer
A Defense to those who know Him.
Tell Him He is Shammah
Tell Him He is Lord
Tell Him He’s your Lover
He is Alpha and Omega
Tell Him He’s your answer
Tell Him He is Lord.


He is bigger than the biggest Lord
He’s got more treasure than the south-south oil
You wonder why we go all over
Praising This Jehovah
Cant you see there’s is no one else
He is Lord/3x
Jehovah He is lord
{Repeat 2x}
You are Lord/3x
Jehovah you are lord.
(Repeat 5x)
You are Lord, Yes you are.

Listen here



March Fire and Miracle Night Service 2018 LIVE Service With Apostle Johnson Suleman

March Fire and Miracle Night Service 2018 LIVE Service With Apostle Johnson Suleman


Bible Study 27th march 2018 LIVE Service With Apostle Johnson Suleman

Bible Study 27th March 2018 LIVE Service With Apostle Johnson Suleman


Testimony: “My Journey Back To Christianity” – Tolu Adesina

Testimony: “My Journey Back To Christianity” – Tolu Adesina

Former Alyhills Records artiste, songwriter, and producer, Tolulope Abraham Adesina who recently stopped singing secular songs have just opened up on how the journey back to Christ began. According to the House On The Rock chorister, several people have met him since he succeeded at the MTN Project Fame to continue doing gospel, but he never heeded.

As God will have it, veteran singer and producer, Cobhams Asuquo met with him and reminded him that he never fit in in the secular world unless he returns to doing gospel, he may not blow. These words got him restless until December 31st, 2017, the day he took that difficult decision and he became saved by grace.

However, he promised to reveal more subsequently.

Tolu wrote;

” God had sent a lot of people my way to try to get my attention….but I must tell you that the pursuit of family members, money and sex can blind a young man…the worst part is….WHEN YOU’RE SO BLIND TO THINK THAT IN THE MIDST OF ALL THAT YOU’RE STILL RIGHT WITH GOD (BECAUSE YOU DRESS UP AND GO TO CHURCH MOST SUNDAYS) that’s when the devil has done a proper number on you…anyways God sent someone to me one day that made me stop and think deeply…I was a guest judge for project fame preliminarily auditions alongside other great people like @igesings @joypanam etc..while we were having breakfast @cobhamsasuquo walked in and I naturally went to say hi…he shook my hand and I said “it’s Tolu sir” and he was like “oh Tolu how are you and how is @donjazzy…I have something to tell you…I know you’re doing well but God showed me that you’re meant for more… your specific gift is meant for the kingdom of God…answer God quick or you might struggle…” I WAS LITERALLY BLOWN AWAY BY THAT STATEMENT…I thanked him but I was uneasy all through the auditions..as profound as that incident was….. I didn’t make a turn around right then (BECAUSE THE LUST OF THE WORLD HAD TAKEN A TOLL ON ME AND DECEIVED ME TO THINK I WOULD BE GIVING UP TOO MUCH) it wasn’t until DEC 31 2017 that my life changed when I met one on one with God ( that’s a story for another day ) but my conversation with Cohbams was one of the triggers that led me here… #testimonytuesday #savedbygrace #grace #peace #Jesus #Christ #godchaser #redeemed

New: Snoop Dogg’s Gospel Album Tops Billboard – See Response To Critics & New Video

New: Snoop Dogg’s Gospel Album Tops Billboard – See Response To Critics & New Video


American rapper Snoop Dogg is coming off the release of his first ever gospel album called Snoop Dogg Gospel album which landed him Number 1 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart last week.

Following the release, Snoop decided to come through this past Easter weekend and share the official video for his Charlie Wilson-assisted record “One More Day.” Directed by Dylan Brown, the video finds Snoop Dogg, Wilson and others joining a father in prayerful vigil for the recovery of his daughter who had overdosed on drugs, a story Charlie himself can relate to.

“I’m humbled by all the love and support for the album,” Snoop Dogg said of the project’s success. “I made this album to spread love and positivity around the world. I’m blessed and grateful to have worked on this project with some of my favorite artists, people who I truly admire.”

“Uncle Charlie has always been a big inspiration for me … his testimony and what he’s overcome. This project wouldn’t be complete without him,” Snoop said on their collab.

See video below:


News: Fire Razes ECWA Church Complex In Gusau, Zamfara

News: Fire Razes ECWA Church Complex In Gusau, Zamfara

A fire outbreak has razed the first ECWA Church Complex in Gusau, Zamfara State, Associate Pastor of the church, Mr. Micah Liti, said on Monday.

Liti, who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gusau, said the fire started around 1:00a.m. on Monday when electricity supply was restored. According to him, the complex of the church comprising two houses of a reverend father and associate pastor, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members’ lodge and a guesthouse, were destroyed.

He said there was no loss of lives or injuries, adding that “we lost property worth millions of naira and important things including our valuable documents. We thanked God with the response of the state Fire Service in putting out the fire.’’

Abdullahi Jibo, the Deputy Director in-charge of Fire Prevention and Public Enlightenment of the State Fire Service Department, confirmed the incident and appealed to the public to always ensure fire safety.

New: Pastor Refuses Communion For Church Members Without PVC

New: Pastor Refuses Communion For Church Members Without PVC

Pastor Philip Igbinijesu; Word Assembly

Pastor Philip Igbinijesu of the Word Assembly has declared that any member of his church without a Permanent Voters Card (PVC) will not be allowed to partake in the church’s communion.

The cleric made the declaration in short video uploaded on YouTube on Friday, March 30. He said those who do not have voters card should sit down when other members are taking the communion in church.

Pastor Igbinijesu said Peter Obi became governor of Anambra state after a Catholic archbishop issued a similar instruction in the state.

He said those talking and praying for Nigeria but had no PVC’s were doing so in vain, adding that individuals without voters card were enemies of Nigeria.

Watch the video below: 


Music Video/ Lyrics: My Soul Says Yes_Sonnie Badu

My Soul Says Yes

Sonnie Badu



My soul says yes, says yes, says yes
My soul says yes, says yes to your will
My soul says yes, says yes, says yes
My soul says yes, says yes to your will

Where you lead me, I will follow
When you call me, I will answer
Oh my Lord, teach me how to know your ways

Whatever it takes, whenever you want
What moments you choose, whatever you plan
Oh my Lord, let your will be done in me
So be my light, be my guide
Be my way, be my will
Oh my Lord, come lay your hands all over me



Repeat Chorus

Moya wangu bvuwa, bvuma, bvumaaa
Moya wangu bvuwa, bvuma, kunashe

My soul says yes, says yes, says yes
My soul says yes, says yes to your will

Whatever you say, what you want
Do it your way, do it your way
My soul says yes, says yes, says yes
My body says yes, do it your way
Do it your way…..

Lyrics: Sondela Loyiso Bala Ft. Anastasia Dilima

Lyrics: Sondela

Loyiso Bala Ft. Anastasia Dilima

Sondela kimi, sondela
Noma izono zakho zibomvu

Deep is calling to deep
Come and step right in
Deep is calling to deep
Come drink from his love

Only He can satisfy
Only You can satisfy
Only You can satisfy

His love is so deep you can’t get under it
It’s so high you can’t get over it
It’s swide you can’t get around it


Lyrics: You reign_Loyiso Bala

Lyrics: You reign

Loyiso Bala


Akekh’ onjengawe
Thand’ olungapheli
Akekh’ onamandla
Njengenkos’ uJesu

No one compares to you
Love that will never end
There’s no name above your name
King of all the earth

Angels proclaim who you are
They bow to the sound of your voice
Blessings and honor Glory and power
Be seated at your throne

You reign Lord you reign
All creation sings
You’re the King of kings
Lord you reign Yes you reign
Nguwe Bawo
You reign Lord you reign
You created all
You deserve it all
Lord you reign Yes you reign
Yonk’ indawo Nguwe Nkosiyam

Verse 2
Ungumsindisi wam
‘Wafel’ izonozam
Akekh’ onjengawe
Mdali wento

Pre-­‐Chorus 2
Nations will fall at your feet
Theybow to the sound of your voice
From generation to generation
You reign victorious


Akekh’ onjengawe
Akekh’ onjengawe
Latsho nezulu
O, Akekh’ onjengawe

Favour covers me_Tommy Tush

Favour covers me

Tommy Tush

Verse 1

When there’s war outside
I have peace inside
Favour covers me
When it’s casting down
I keep rising higher
Favour covers me
Though there’s famine in the land
But when I sow, I reap large
Favour covers me
Before the needs ever arise
More than enough is supplied
Favour covers me


Cos I’m seated (seated)
Seated in the heavenly place
High and (high and)
Above worldly influence


I’m a rising star always
I’m a shining light always
Cos favour covers me
God’s favour covers me
I’m winning everyday
I’m joyful come what may
Cos Favour covers me
God’s Favour covers me
I’m not struggling,
I’m just prospering
I’m blessed, I’m blessed
And highly favoured



Verse 2
In the midst of strife
I don’t have to fight
Favour covers me
There’s a feast prepared
And haters can only stare
Cos Favour covers me
I’m preferred wherever I go
When I talk it’s like I know it all
Favour covers me
I’m a blessing everywhere
I’m a sought-out and the head
Favour covers me


Cos I’m seated (seated)
Seated in the heavenly place
High and (high and)
Above worldly influence


I’m a rising star always
I’m a shining light always
Cos favour covers me
God’s favour covers me
I’m winning everyday
I’m joyful come what may
Cos Favour covers me
God’s Favour covers me
I’m not struggling,
I’m just prospering
I’m blessed, I’m blessed
And highly favoured


You surrounded me with favour
And You covered me with glory
So I won’t say I’m sorry
For this blessed life I’m living
There is nothing that I did
To deserve these many blessings
It’s Your Favor, it’s Your favor
(It’s not fair, it’s not fair)