Power Must Change Hands Yetunde Joyce ft. Lauryn

Power Must Change Hands Yetunde Joyce ft. Lauryn

Lyrics/ Music

Take me, take me to the King of kings
Rain down mercy, rain down favour
Rain down healing, rain down blessing
Rain down love

Power must change hands in my life
No matter what the devil may say (2x)
In Jesus name(4×)

Verse 1
Halleluyah, there is nobody like You
Lily of the valley, Bright and morning star
Rose of Sharon, miracle working God
Nobody can compare with You
Heal the sick today, let the lame walk
Let the blind see Jesus
Rain down Your power
We need Your mercy

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Unstoppable Jesus, when You say yes, no man can say no
I love You Lord Jesus, I need You everyday Lord
Take me now to the Rock, take me to the rock Jesus
O Lord, we need more of You

Let the barren, bless the barren O Lord
Let the barren give birth Jesus
You said in Your word
There shall be none barren in your land o Jesus

Halleluyah, Singing with me
Power must change hands right now

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