Five Things you have to do when you get a New Phone

Five Things you have to do when you get a New Phone

Getting a new phone is cool but most people don’t really use it to its highest potential even when only talking about the basics. This list will cover the most essential and also most used apps, covering both work and pleasure. You should definitely get them right away. You should also check out our 5 tips to prevent security issues with your phone.

Five Things you have to do when you get a New Phone

1. Microsoft Office (iOS)

Everything related to work nowadays is stored in documents, and those documents are most of the time found in some sort of MS Office format. Microsoft office is available on the app store for free. Of course it contains Word, Power Point, Excell, Outlook. Open any document, spreadsheet or presentation from anywhere at any time.

 Five things you have to do when you get a new phone

2. Social Networks

Everyone uses social networks, right? Therefore you will probably want to install some of the popular ones. Here they are:

If you want to save storage space you can install Facebook Lite

3. Get the best out of your phone’s camera

Today everyone likes photography and likes to experiment with photos by adding some effects to them. A new phone will definitely have a good camera but don’t rely on the default camera app.

Instead you can download Camera Zoom FX and get features like setting certain hardware buttons to trigger the shutter, multi touch gestures, voice- and sound-activated shutter, and much more. It will offer you guidance so you won’t take bad pictures. The horizon indicator will ensure a perfectly flat horizon for your photos and a crosshair will alert you when your subject is moving.

Five things you have to do when you get a New Phone camera

All the options it has can help you better understand photography, become more interested more in it and, who knows, maybe even start a career in photography.

For people who love selfies  YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam is the perfect app  that has a great editing tool. It has interesting features like beautifying effects, face reshaper, object remover, stylization and ability to beautify all the features of your face.

4. Keep your phone clean and protected at the same time with Clean Master

Clean Master will get rid of files that you don’t need on your phone. It’s mostly internet cache that will use up a big chunk of your phone’s memory if not cleaned regularly. The app also works as an antivirus software, no need to install two different apps when you can get both of those with Clean Master.

5. We All Love Games

After you are done installing the essential apps check out some games as well and have some fun. My recommendation would be Hearthstone. Currently the most popular trading card game in the gaming world.

Five things you have to do when you get a New Phone hearthstone

Players take turns in playing cards from their collection. Playing more will get you more cards, in game currency and experience. It’s really a game that you can play anywhere.

For racing fans Asphalt 8 (iOS) is a must have. The game is fast paced and the graphics are stunning! I promise that you will be amazed by them as soon as you run the game.

Five things you have to do when you get a New Phone asphalt 8