Joy Mobley talks gifts, talents, passion for music and inspiration behind “Don’t Turn Around”

Exclusive Interview w/ Joy Mobley by Christopher Heron (2018)
Exclusive Interview w/ Joy Mobley by Christopher Heron


The riveting, new release entitled, Don’t Turn Around, is the latest EP from Minnesota-native, Atlanta-resident, Joy Mobley. The melodic, tapestry of anointed tunes is part of Joy’s plan to touch people through the power of her jubilant music.


Joy Mobley - 2018
Joy Mobley




Joy has always captured crowds with her incredible instrument, highlighted by her victory in the Minnesota Idol. Since then, Mobley has taken her talent to another level, veering towards ministry and making a difference for Jesus. spoke with this striking woman about music, family, and faith.


Christopher Heron: Joy, I’d love to begin our conversation by discovering the lovely lady behind the music. For instance, we know you’re a talented vocalist…but what’s your secret gift or hidden talent very few people know you possess?


Joy Mobley: I’d like to think God has blessed me with the gifts for “insight” and “connectivity”.  I believe I possess an intuitive attribute that enhances my ability to destroy communication barriers regardless of the personality.


I thank God for enabling me to befriend those that would just assume turn their backs, and from that breakthrough, develop a nourishing and lasting acquaintance.   In a song, I experience a pristine freedom that transcends woes and sorrows of this world.


Christopher Heron: You’re proud alumni of Clark Atlanta University. What are the most important values and lessons in life you attribute to your time at college?



Joy Mobley 2018
Joy Mobley

Joy Mobley: “I’ll find a way or make one” is one of the mottos for CAU. And I can definitely say that having persistence and not giving up has been key in my success and who I’ve become today. Another lesson that I can attribute to my time there is to make the most of every opportunity given to you.

While I was attending CAU I was exposed to a lot of great opportunities and because of this, I seized everyone that I could! Looking back now I know that many people might not experience in a lifetime what I was able to, at that time.


Christopher Heron: You’re also a proud wife and mother. How have these important family roles changed your life and shaped your view of the world?


Joy Mobley: If ever the word “unselfish” has been transparent, surely it’s at this time in my life of being a wife and mother.  There’s an old saying in the gospel that says “it’s not all about me” and that old saying is so true.  The reality of it all, to understand this phrase is to gain wisdom beyond the imagination.  I believe a person that is self-centered cannot truly discover their full potential nor true happiness.


It is imperative for the soul, mind, and spirit to nurture the body and it is equally important that our individual accountability reaches beyond our person. If I may, I must regress to the words “insight” and “connectivity”.  My having insight towards my husband and child has done so much for the priceless connectivity the three of us enjoy and share in our lives.


Christopher Heron: Music has always been an essential part of your identity…but when did your passion for music move to the next level and becomes a tool for ministry and an expression of faith?


Joy Mobley - 2018
Joy Mobley

Joy Mobley: During my adolescence, my parents pastored a church and I was afforded the opportunity to express myself in song and in church productions.  I suppose my mom became so confident in my ability to sing, many times there were impromptu performances.  The congregation or those in attendance would often compliment me by making such comments as “you sang that song so well you made me cry or you brought chills all over me.”


My Mom enlightened me at an early age as to who was responsible for the anointing I was under, and that I was blessed to be chosen by God to communicate His Word in song.  Even into adulthood, what I get from unbelievers regarding my new music is “I don’t usually listen to Gospel music, but I like your music.”


I’ve heard this countless times and knowing that the lyrics in my songs talk about Jesus, and people who are not in the church are still able to receive that message is what ministry is all about, saving souls and making disciples, Mark 16:15 says “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone”.


Christopher Heron: Your new EP is entitled, Don’t Turn Around. What’s the inspiration behind the title of your new release?


Joy Mobley: I know it’s an old cliché, but we are really living in troubled and disturbing times.  It seems that every time one listens to the news, it’s disheartening.  Hardly ever anything encouraging.  We are always bombarded by negativity whether at work, home, and even church.  My philosophy…this world needs encouragement!


Without encouragement to stay the course, people will turn around and escalate their demise into a world of destruction.  People today need the “truth” in their hearts, love in their spirits and confidence in their soul.  So in my lyrics, this is what I’m attempting to convey.  Stay the course, God’s People; and Don’t Turn Around!



Christopher Heron: The release of your EP is another kind of birth. It’s very intimate and reflective of you. How much is “Joy” it for you? And what is your hope and prayer for this album?


Joy Mobley: The “joy” for me is overwhelming because I’m doing something that I love.  My hope and prayer is that I’m able to touch the broken hearts and disturb minds of the many that are about to or perhaps already have “Turned Around”.  I would be so honored to know that my songs that are reaching the masses, relationships were mended, hearts were fixed, and lives were turned around all because of the Power of God!


For more information on Joy Mobley and her EP, Don’t Turn Around, visit her official website @

New Music: “That’s_Who_You_Are” Traimi Dave ft. Joshua Daniel+David Ehiabhi

Traimi Dave has officially releases the much anticipated single titled “THAT’S WHO YOU ARE” featuring Joshua Daniel (Revelation Musik) n David Ehiabhi (Dr. Slim)…

Traimi Dave hereby tagged his newest single “My Birthday Gift to my Fans” Listen, share and Download Listen


Download Options:

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THAT’S WHO YOU ARE LYRICS By Traimi Dave (feat. Joshua Daniel and David Ehiabhi)

I have seen a man, who took me the way I am lift me up from a miry clay, set me on the rock to stand Now I know the man, who chose me the way I am picked me up from a miry clay, set me on the rock to stand

Chorus: Jesus that’s who you are Wonderful king that’s who you are

I have looked around all over, sicknesses don’t last forever healing has come to stay by His word (come on brother, can i hear you sing something) I have moved around all over, poverty don’t last forever breakthrough has come to stay by His word

Spoken words: Some say you’re Isaiah, Jeremiah John the Baptist or just a catchiest but I know you are Alpha, Jehovah Rapha You’re my Healer, my Redeemer (You are Jesus) our Protector and our Provider, Deliverer (the son of the living God) our God, King and Father (wonderful King that’s who you are)

(Oh Jesus you are, you are) Jesus that’s who you are Wonderful king that’s who you are

Chorus continues…till fade. [The End]

  Your Breakthrough is Now…

New Music: Anticipate ”That’s who you are”_Traimi Dave_ft_Joshua Daniel & David Ehiabhi

(Birthday Gift to Fans)

Traimi Dave set to drop a Brand New Track Titled “THAT’S WHO YOU ARE’’


This young talented Gospel Minister David T Raimi, popularly known on stage as “Traimi Dave” is set to release another hit single titled “That’s who you are” in the coming week featuring Joshua Daniel and David Ehiabhi.

This piece, produced, mixed and mastered by Lord Louis Production is set to take the streets and the music industry by storm.

In anticipation for the release of the song, kindly download one of his HIT track ‘’Idi Ebube’’ and be expectant….

Your story is changing for the better……



Facebook: David T Raimi

Twt: @traimidave

Insta: @traimidave


“I Was Disowned And Chased Out Of My Home But God Saw Me Through” – Chioma Jesus

Years ago people of God when I gave my life to Christ my mother persecuted me so much that one day she came back home, brought a bible and dictionary and asked me to pick one. The Bible representing my faith and no more school and then if I choose dictionary representing My school no more church. It was a very big Challenge but Holy Ghost helped me I choose The Bible I was disowned and chased out of my home. But God saw me through, today the same Bible is paying me in millions of naria,pounds, dollars, euro more than any oil company will pay me, What a Mighty God we serve. He will not forsake His own, my sisters and brothers, please don’t shift your faith no matter the battles your facing today don’t exchange your faith with any thing in this world because “EYES HAVE NOT SEEN EARS HAVE NOT HEARD NOR HAVE IT ENTERED INTO THE HEART OF MEN WHAT GOD HAVE KEPT FOR THOSE WHO LOVE HIM” you’re on that process of greatness don’t give up ur faith yet…….



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Okey Chuks Emerges as Winner Of Soundcheck Africa 2018

Tim Godfrey’s Revolutionary talent discovery and development project Soundcheck Africa 2018 has been concluded with contestant Okey Chuks emerging as the winner. The grand finale took place 5 pm yesterday, 28 April 2018 at Glitz Event Centre, Lekki Lagos.

The event was an enjoyable one as there were special performances by the contestants and also special appearances by Essence, Frank Edwards, Onos Ariyo, Sammie Okposo, Mike Abdul, Segun Obe, Nikki Laoye, Naomi Classik, Monique, Tim Godfrey and the extreme crew.

The top 6 finalists who performed that night were Kazeem, Okey Chuks, Sumisola, Same Oshodis, Queen Esther and Jeremiah Akerele. The 3rd position went to Same Oshodis, 2nd position, Sumisola and Winner, Okey Chuks.

Okey Chuks was awarded the sum of 500 thousand Naira, a flat screen television and a smartphone.

sumisolasame oshodisokey chuks


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Share with our younger ones 35years and below

So my personal testimony continued….Tolu Adesina

So my personal testimony continued….Tolu Adesina

from last week #testimonytuesday I missed home and Mum and Dad so I left Lagos and came to kaduna. Very few people knew I was back…cuz I wanted to just spend time with my folks…but on the 30th I went to my home church (House on the rock) for Sunday service where everyone was happy to see me, my Pastor REV. BARNABAS ARASTUS insisted that on the 31st night before he comes up I would lead worship(it was a set up from heaven)….and I was like hmmm…but I agreed…so the night was blessed with so many anointed ministers and now it was my turn I GOT UP THERE AND BEGAN TO SING AND IN THE MIDST OF IT I HEARD A VOICE SAY…I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU FOR SEVEN YEARS…this broke my heart…. I WENT ON MY KNEES AND COULD’NT HOLD BACK THE TEARS…I dropped the mic and went back to my seat where I prayed a simple prayer LORD I’M SORRY FOR RUNNING FROM PURPOSE ALL THESE YEARS AND I’M GRATEFUL THAT YOU WAITED FOR ME…I SURRENDER TO YOU TOTALLY TODAY WHEREVER YOU LEAD ILL FOLLOW…and I felt the kinda peace I haven’t felt in seven years come into my heart… this was my tremendous turnaround IT CAME WITH CONFLICT AND LOOSING FRIENDS AND FANS AND FOLLOWERS AND INDUSTRY CRED. LOL BUT I GAINED PURPOSE IN GOD AND NOTHING ELSE COMPARES TO THAT…

“After Ministration,They Gave Us N300, & The Place Wasn’t Even In Lagos” – Tope Alabi Shares Her Experience

“After Ministration,They Gave Us N300, & The Place Wasn’t Even In Lagos” – Tope Alabi Shares Her Experience

My mother checked if my virginity was intact till I married – Tope Alabi
#You recently released an album, Yes and Amen. What is its thrust?
The album is full of wholesome praise to God;
there are no side attractions. God told me about three years ago that I should make an album that would contain only praise and worship. There are 11 tracks in all. I worked on the album for about two years . God usually gives me the titles for my albums, and also the time to release them.
#You often share moral lessons in your songs.
How did your upbringing influence that part of
Whenever God tells me to record an album, He always tells me how to go about it. A lot of times, He often uses lessons from my childhood to explain what I should do. I was the only girl in the house and I was raised strictly. My mother was a disciplinarian and she brooked no nonsense. There was no room for me to go astray.
#Did your mother support your music career?
Yes, she did because she was also a singer. She
always sang around the house. She believed
that one didn’t have to be immoral simply because she is a singer. Every other member of my family was not pleased with my music
career but my mother never took offence. She taught me that a female shouldn’t be too close to men. For example, I was never bathed at the same time with my male siblings. My mother used to check if my virginity was intact every three months interval before I got married; especially whenever I returned from movie locations. When I newly got married to my husband, we went to the National Theatre in Lagos to watch a movie and actors like Yinka Quadri, Ebun Oloyede, among others were there. When they saw my husband, they congratulated him and told him that he had chosen a good and exemplary wife . That made my husband quite happy. My mum was very strict and she never spared the rod. She also showed me a lot of motherly love.
#What are some of the lessons your mother taught you that have endured till date?

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“I Have Seen The Light” – Weird Mc Talks On Her New Life As A Born Again Christian

“I Have Seen The Light” – Weird Mc Talks On Her New Life As A Born Again Christian

One of the pioneer contemporary female rappers in the Nigerian entertainment scene, Shola Idowu popularly known as Weird MC who is currently in the UK talks about her new life since she became born again.
The 47-year-old also mentioned that she would still love to have children of her own because she is a lover of kids.
Speaking in a recent interview with Saturday Beats, she said:
“Right now, I am open to love, the love of God. All I would say is that everything would happen as he wills. Regarding having children, I came through someone, so someone has to come through me. I love kids a lot. I would love to have two. Growing up, there were six of us in the family, three boys and three girls; I do not know what the will of God is but I would love to have two children, a boy and a girl”.
“The death of Nomoreloss brought a void to my life but it was not necessarily the reason I gave my life to Christ. Nomoreloss and I were very close and his death came as a big shock to me because we spoke a few days before his death. I went to London for about a month and only returned to Nigeria to perform at Darey Art Alade’s show. When I called Nomoreloss, he sounded happy to hear from me and even asked if I was back. We were all playing and joking. He told me that he was somewhere at Dolphin Estate, so I told him to accompany me to the concert. I was excited to hang out with him but he just told me to go and have fun. I didn’t know he was ill at the time but he did not want me to know about it. After his death when I asked his brother why I was not informed, he said he was sure Nomoreloss did not want me to see him the way he was because he probably knew how emotional I could be seeing him. We were very close; more like brother and sister relationship.
“On that Monday, I was so busy and coincidentally I was not on twitter which is very unlike me. I noticed that Alariwo had called me several times eventually I picked his call and the next question he asked me was if the news was true and I was lost because I did not know what was happening. He broke the news to me and I told him that I did not like that type of news because I still spoke to him a few days earlier. One of my personal assistants was with me and he also acknowledged his death but I ignored him because I did not believe it to be true. I went to a friend’s office, Jide, and he also confirmed the news to me but I still did not believe them, so I called Omobaba. When he confirmed the news again, I was so shocked. I remember going to the mortuary and insisting that I wanted to see him because it was like a dream and there he was just lying down. I was so shocked. All I could say was, ‘wow! So Muyiwa you are gone.’ It was a big shock to me”.
“The appeal people have for me or the music I used to do take second place to God. If I feel overly concerned about the appeal, then the question would be who am I worshipping, my career or God. God created music as an engagement tool and the main reason music was created was for it to be used to worship Him. So if I take the musical talent God has given me and use it to honour him by sharing Him with the world, I think that is a good thing. I come from that background; the only difference is that I am now talking about God, I am now telling people that I have seen the light; come with me because this is what the light looks like. I think it is an amazing thing and people would see that I am now sincere. There are a lot of contemporary gospel singers; we have the likes of Kirk Franklin, B.O.U.Q.U.I, Nathaniel Bassey, and Travis Greene.
“Weird MC means that I am different and peculiar, it also aligns with the fact that if you become born again, you become a peculiar nation unto God. I had thought about changing my name after giving my life to Christ. I had thought about using my real name, Shola since a lot of people know my real name. But I want my audience to realise that there is a spiritual transformation going on in my life. I truly believe that my true core followers would transform with me because it is the will of God. The will of man cannot supersede in my life anymore. The Holy Spirit can also minister to me that I should not drop the name because there is a nation attached to me and the Lord wants me to minister to the audience and keep my name. I would not do things that would compromise my faith. I would always use myself as a vessel of honour unto God. He has given me an assignment and it takes precedence over everything, so when you see me on stage, I am not only entertaining you but I would be ministering and teaching as well. I am engaging culture, I listen to a lot of the contemporary Christian songs and I see what they are doing. It does not change anything. God created the music.
“Of course, my dressing would be toned down; already it is being toned down and it comes with age. It all depends on the will of God because he is the one who is transforming me every day. There is nothing as awesome as harvesting souls for God”.I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT. WEIRD MC TALKS ON HER NEW LIFE AS A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN
One of the pioneer contemporary female rappers in the Nigerian entertainment scene, Shola Idowu popularly known as Weird MC who is currently in the UK talks about her new life since she became born again.
The 47-year-old also mentioned that she would still love to have children of her own because she is a lover of kids.
Speaking in a recent interview with Saturday Beats, she said:
“Right now, I am open to love, the love of God. All I would say is that everything would happen as he wills. Regarding having children, I came through someone, so someone has to come through me. I love kids a lot. I would love to have two. Growing up, there were six of us in the family, three boys and three girls; I do not know what the will of God is but I would love to have two children, a boy and a girl”.

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Bishop Oyedepo Spotted Preaching To People Near Devil’s Shrine At Sango Otta

Bishop Oyedepo Spotted Preaching To People Near Devil’s Shrine At Sango Otta

Bishop Oyedepo was sighted at two different points on Tuesday evening March 20, with people swarming all over him. According to findings, he was there for nothing than evangelism.
The bishop was first sighted sitting in a Toyota land cruiser Prado jeep, plate number — near under sango bridge, facing Lagos-Abeokuta express road, preaching to a gathering of people.

After his preaching which lasted for about 30 mins, he told the crowd to put down their names and phone numbers on a piece of paper shared by his envoys.

He further told them that the collection of their details is to establish a contact with him. He said: “the number they collected from you is for you to share your testimony because I know you will all have a testimony to share after this prayer.

Tonight, you will receive a message from a number and with that number you can share your testimony with me and also book an appointment with me.”

Following that Africa’s richest pastor moved his convoy to Sango-Ota road, near the Shrine of Esu-Odara. The shrine is just a stone throw from where he was and as usual, he repeated his modules of preaching and also followed up by taking the details of the crowd with a promise of reaching back to them.

Those that made up the crowd were market men and also women, Agberos (Street Urchins), workers returning home and all sorts of people.

Meanwhile, the Ojubo Esu (Satan’s Shrine) has been at Sango bus stop junction for years. The small house painted in white and black is where Esu worshipers converge most times, especially every August 20th, to worship the deity.

Sun. 25th March 2018 LIVE Service With Apostle Johnson Suleman

Sun. 25th March 2018 LIVE Service With Apostle Johnson Suleman


“Go Through It And Come Out Tougher” – Frank Edwards Shares Touching Story About How He Hawked For Years

“Go Through It And Come Out Tougher” – Frank Edwards Shares Touching Story About How He Hawked For Years

Award Winning Artiste, Frank Edwards took to his Instagram page to share the touching story. He said

You see this here it’s called okpa. My  mum was making it and we were both selling it , this was my breakfast and dinner everyday… The process of making it was ridiculous.. my mom used fire wood and I was the one fanning the fire because kerosene was luxury.. So I had smoke entering my eyes 5 hours everyday for over 10 years except Sundays, my eyes were always Red until it became permanent  then I started having eye problem cus I was always rubbing my eyes with dirty hands trying to clear the smoke.. Cus I didn’t understand why my vision was blurred ,, my mum had same issue too with her eyes,, regardless we still hit the road to sell , BUT GUESS WHAT THAT WAS WHEN I DEVELOPED A STRONG & NATURAL BUSINESS MINDSET, I KNEW A LOT ABOUT MONEY EARLY , I KNEW HOW TO CONVINCE PEOPLE TO BUY, I KNEW THAT SMOKE IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO STOP ME, I KNEW THE ONES THAT BUY ON CREDIT AND NEVER PAY SO I ONLY GO TO THEM  WHEN THE MARKET IS SO BAD .. BECAUSE ITS BETTER TO SELL ON CREDIT THAN TO HAVE IT SPOIL.. WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH TODAY IS TRAINING , THOUGH IT MAY LOOK LIKE SUFFERING BUT ITS TRAINING , DONT LOOK FOR EASY WAY OUT , GO THROUGH IT AND COME OUT TOUGHER!!! though today I have permanent red eyes to the point when some ppl see me they ask “Do you smoke” I’m like God forbid!😀 sometimes it hurts , most times I laugh because I’m like. . “ IF ONLY YOU KNOW “  but how ever I am a happy man and I have enough pages in my book of testimony to encourage my children.  GO THROUGH IT AND ADD PAGES TO YOUR TESTIMONY BOOK!  BECAUSE YOUR BLESSING IS READY WAITING, YOU ARE ONLY BEING TRAINED TO HANDLE IT.



Choi! This woman is on fire man! To the point she was speaking in tongues in the course of the interview… keep reading, you’ll see.

I have been coming across the name – Ada before I came across her music. That was around the time“Bobo Me” hit the airwaves… I just never placed the artiste and the song together. Then, while I was celebrating my birthday on May 6 2013, somewhere in the camp of FreeNation Inc, 2 massive tracks were bidding the camp farewell with a promise of returning with dividends… let’s just say part of the dividends is what sparked this interview.

With upcoming videos, album release and concerts, Ada and her music sure ain’t playing!

She hit the scene under LoveWorld Records as party of the vision of the label to launch dynamic and contemporary ministers of songs into the harvest field, a vision which according to her was accomplished. She released her first LP under the label. Haven left LoveWorld, she was signed on to FreeNation Inc as the flagship artiste of the label.

Ada has released “Bobo Me,” “I’m Rich,” “Oh Koko,” which featured Samsung, Eben, Protek,amongst others and she has said the album is due for release before the year runs out.

As we await the all these which Ada has revealed, I engaged Ada in a chat.The most astounding thing I found out is this; forget the swag, forget the pretty face and the vocal strength, this chick is not your regular artiste, she’s on fire for the Holy Ghost, every other thing you know about her is just a product of the former… still in doubt? Hear from Ada’s mouth!

IMG_2675SelahAfrik: Hello Ada, can we get to meet the real you? Tell us about your background, childhood, where you hail from, family, etc?

Ada: My name is Ada Ehi, I’m a minister, a faithful witness for Jesus, wife,  mother, daughter, sister, friend and artiste. I was brought up in a Christian home , the 2nd of 4 children. Grew up surrounded by music and creativity.

SelahAfrik: Haven Studied Chemical and Polymer Engineering at the Lagos State University, how come you opted for music?

Ada: Well, music was and will always be my first choice. My parents are well read and believe very much in education. They never forced any of us in any direction but ensured we were well schooled and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

SelahAfrik: Did you ever practised with your certificate?

Ada: Naaaaaaah!

SelahAfrik: Tell us the details, your encounter with Believers LoveWorld fellowship while on campus and how it transformed your talent into a ministry.

Ada: I met Pastor Chris on campus through his messages and materials. The word of God came to me very differently, I came to understand the new creation, and the ministry of reconciliation. My life changed forever. I have a revelation of Jesus that transcends the letter and a daily communion of the holy Ghost that is most divine, tangible and eternal. (whoo! That’s deep Ada ). My results confirm my message… kabayeeeee (speaking in tongues), I could go on man… I’m a preacher! glory! (If I wrote it exactly how she expressed it, y’all would think I done lost my mind… hehehe) I’m full of Joy unspeakable (…obviously Ada… obviously!)

SelahAfrik: Your song are mostly declarative, have you had any testimony from people whose lives where touched by these songs, tell us about that.

Ada: I told you am a preacher, am a product of the word of God and as Jesus spoke and speaks so me do I, I speak… I Spoke… I’m speaking… Yes of course, numerous testimonies, salvation, healing, renewed mindsets, name it, I declare the word and the word ALWAYS PRODUCES, NO MATTER WHO, WHAT, WHEN OR WHERE (I just can’t help but to leave that in caps… Ada is on fire!), most profoundly, the number of testimonies of people, young and old, white, black and brown saved from attempted suicide after listening to some of my songs.


SelahAfrik: We’ve heard quite a number of singles from you, when can we finally have your album?


IMG_4560Ada: This year, it’s in the final stages… dates are not precise for now.

SelahAfrik: “I’m Rich” seems to be making the most impact amongst your recent releases, should we be expecting a video for the song

Ada: Yes!

SelahAfrik: As one of the InnerCity MissionAmbassador, tell us about InnerCity Mission and your role.

Ada: I love this topic… firstly for more details (Okay… Done!). The InnerCity mission is an outreach ministry of Christ Embassy that picks homeless and abandoned children off the streets, educates, rehabilitates ,ministers and nourishes them spiritually and physically. My role as a goodwill ambassador is to let more people know about us and to hopefully get you involved because at the end of the day as my pastor says: “every child is your child”

SelahAfrik: What prompted your move fromLoveWorld Records which released your first LP“undenied” to FreeNation Inc?

Ada: I am and will always be an artiste of loveworldrecords. The mission was to discover, build and send forth a unique and new set of music ministers into harvest field. They succeeded. Voila! Here I am! FreeNation Inc is an indie label, and I am their pioneer Artiste.

SelahAfrik: I love the song “Oh Koko,” I think it’s one of the most creative gospel song right now but please, what is the meaning?

Ada: “Oh Koko” means wonder (laughs) …thanks, we’re just bragging about our lives – master pieces of the craftsmanship of God, we are saying, have you seen what He made? Wonder Wonder Wonder! (plugging my earpiece to re-listen)

ada_bobo_meSelahAfrik: We just did an article on you where we talked about your exceptional beauty, can you tell us how you have manage to stay this exceptional, even as a mother and wife. Do you have a beauty therapy that keeps you looking this good?

Ada: (Laughs), how much will u pay, (laughs), firstly I’m a happy person… Joy, I workout sometimes, and thirdly, music not forgetting I’m in love… thanks for the complements. My head is ballooned now Oh

SelahAfrik: What’s your beauty routine getting ready for a ministration, event or red carpet?

 Ada: Mehn , I just try you know, I like to do what I like and look good in much more than keeping with trend. Then, for Ministrations… I roar in tongues!

 SelahAfrik: Do you work with stylist?

 Ada: Yes, I have an exceptional stylist, am sure she is feeling cool now reading this (laughs) .

SelahAfrik: What’s in your makeup bag?

Ada: (Chuckles), that bag is full sha

SelahAfrik: Which makeup item can you not leave home without?

Ada: None oh. I used to be a tom boy oh, so I’m upcoming in this department oh (seriously? [raises eyebrow] You had me fooled)

SelahAfrik: What’s your most comfortable outfit?

Ada: Baggies.

SelahAfrik: What is the most favourite amongst the items in your closet?


Ada and hubby, Moses Ehi

Ada: I have a lot of favourites though… a lot of cherished gifts, especially from my Bobo (I’m humming“Bobo Me” on Ada’s behalf).

 SelahAfrik: Do you have a signature fragrance?

 Ada: Mbaaa… Mbaaanu, if they pay me, maybe… but I will still add join.

SelahAfrik: Tell us about your family, how do you juggle being a wife and a mother with your ministry?

Ada: I have the best… the most understanding and supportive family. God is so good to me oh, everything I asked for and more, my father gave to me. The Holy Ghost does it all.

SelahAfrik: Any upcoming event, project, single, we should know about?

Ada: many, plenty, numerous, its plenty o, but I love the surprise thingy… but you all know my album is loading and the live in Botswana Concert featuring Frank Edwards and other artiste, also Charmain2DL just released a single where I featured so there you go. Lookout for new videos too.

SelahAfrik: Please give an advice to pretty females like you out there who are yet to encounter Jesus, use your testimony to encourage them.

Ada: Beauty (chuckles), is vanity, just like flower, it blossoms and fades, and no matter how beautiful you are, someone, somewhere is more beautiful. A lot of beautiful women are dead! what we remember is the impact they made! A good name outlives beauty. If you don’t have Jesus, your beauty cannot move a mountain, mine can, #justsaying.

SelahAfrik: Okay Ada, It’s time for you to make your shout out!

Shout out to everyone, Everyone born of God. Most Respect and love to Jesus my Lord and Saviour, Bros Jay Sir, your girl is forever loyal. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Sir, I salute you, thanks for teaching me the word of God and raising in me a Nation for Jesus. My kids, My husband and Friend Moses, I love you. To Every Minister of the Gospel, Cheer up, the word is working… BOOM!

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Amos Oche Ebiega

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations) AMOS OCHE EBIEGA is a 12 years old speaker and author that has published Twins & Murderer, Ruthless Ruler, and Cat & Dogs. He started reading at age 4, started writing at age 9. He has been opportuned to speak at various conferences and meetings including the AFRICAST convention. Amos passion is to leave the world a little better.

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