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Kaduna Youths Burn Down Church, Police Station Over Man’s Death

– Kaduna youths burn church, police station

An upheaval on Thursday morning in Kaduna state has left a church and a police station burnt by youths numbering about 200 in Narayi, Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna.

It was gathered that trouble started following the death of a boy who worked for a White garment Church.

The rampaging youths burnt down the Church and the Police station when they demanded that the Police in Narayi hand over to them the pastor in charge of the church where the young man died.

 It was gathered that the Police had taken the pastor into protective custody after he had reported that a youth doing some construction work for the church had died in the process.

An eyewitness said that the hoodlums outnumbered the Police personnel on duty, hence they ran away for safety, leading to the burning of the Police station by the angry youth.

He said that the youths also made away with no fewer than seven motorcycles belonging to policemen as well as vandalising a Honda Accord vehicle belonging to an officer.

The Church was still burning around 9:30am. Four other buildings were pulled down at the Church premises but the church was razed down completely.



Choi! This woman is on fire man! To the point she was speaking in tongues in the course of the interview… keep reading, you’ll see.

I have been coming across the name – Ada before I came across her music. That was around the time“Bobo Me” hit the airwaves… I just never placed the artiste and the song together. Then, while I was celebrating my birthday on May 6 2013, somewhere in the camp of FreeNation Inc, 2 massive tracks were bidding the camp farewell with a promise of returning with dividends… let’s just say part of the dividends is what sparked this interview.

With upcoming videos, album release and concerts, Ada and her music sure ain’t playing!

She hit the scene under LoveWorld Records as party of the vision of the label to launch dynamic and contemporary ministers of songs into the harvest field, a vision which according to her was accomplished. She released her first LP under the label. Haven left LoveWorld, she was signed on to FreeNation Inc as the flagship artiste of the label.

Ada has released “Bobo Me,” “I’m Rich,” “Oh Koko,” which featured Samsung, Eben, Protek,amongst others and she has said the album is due for release before the year runs out.

As we await the all these which Ada has revealed, I engaged Ada in a chat.The most astounding thing I found out is this; forget the swag, forget the pretty face and the vocal strength, this chick is not your regular artiste, she’s on fire for the Holy Ghost, every other thing you know about her is just a product of the former… still in doubt? Hear from Ada’s mouth!

IMG_2675SelahAfrik: Hello Ada, can we get to meet the real you? Tell us about your background, childhood, where you hail from, family, etc?

Ada: My name is Ada Ehi, I’m a minister, a faithful witness for Jesus, wife,  mother, daughter, sister, friend and artiste. I was brought up in a Christian home , the 2nd of 4 children. Grew up surrounded by music and creativity.

SelahAfrik: Haven Studied Chemical and Polymer Engineering at the Lagos State University, how come you opted for music?

Ada: Well, music was and will always be my first choice. My parents are well read and believe very much in education. They never forced any of us in any direction but ensured we were well schooled and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

SelahAfrik: Did you ever practised with your certificate?

Ada: Naaaaaaah!

SelahAfrik: Tell us the details, your encounter with Believers LoveWorld fellowship while on campus and how it transformed your talent into a ministry.

Ada: I met Pastor Chris on campus through his messages and materials. The word of God came to me very differently, I came to understand the new creation, and the ministry of reconciliation. My life changed forever. I have a revelation of Jesus that transcends the letter and a daily communion of the holy Ghost that is most divine, tangible and eternal. (whoo! That’s deep Ada ). My results confirm my message… kabayeeeee (speaking in tongues), I could go on man… I’m a preacher! glory! (If I wrote it exactly how she expressed it, y’all would think I done lost my mind… hehehe) I’m full of Joy unspeakable (…obviously Ada… obviously!)

SelahAfrik: Your song are mostly declarative, have you had any testimony from people whose lives where touched by these songs, tell us about that.

Ada: I told you am a preacher, am a product of the word of God and as Jesus spoke and speaks so me do I, I speak… I Spoke… I’m speaking… Yes of course, numerous testimonies, salvation, healing, renewed mindsets, name it, I declare the word and the word ALWAYS PRODUCES, NO MATTER WHO, WHAT, WHEN OR WHERE (I just can’t help but to leave that in caps… Ada is on fire!), most profoundly, the number of testimonies of people, young and old, white, black and brown saved from attempted suicide after listening to some of my songs.


SelahAfrik: We’ve heard quite a number of singles from you, when can we finally have your album?


IMG_4560Ada: This year, it’s in the final stages… dates are not precise for now.

SelahAfrik: “I’m Rich” seems to be making the most impact amongst your recent releases, should we be expecting a video for the song

Ada: Yes!

SelahAfrik: As one of the InnerCity MissionAmbassador, tell us about InnerCity Mission and your role.

Ada: I love this topic… firstly for more details (Okay… Done!). The InnerCity mission is an outreach ministry of Christ Embassy that picks homeless and abandoned children off the streets, educates, rehabilitates ,ministers and nourishes them spiritually and physically. My role as a goodwill ambassador is to let more people know about us and to hopefully get you involved because at the end of the day as my pastor says: “every child is your child”

SelahAfrik: What prompted your move fromLoveWorld Records which released your first LP“undenied” to FreeNation Inc?

Ada: I am and will always be an artiste of loveworldrecords. The mission was to discover, build and send forth a unique and new set of music ministers into harvest field. They succeeded. Voila! Here I am! FreeNation Inc is an indie label, and I am their pioneer Artiste.

SelahAfrik: I love the song “Oh Koko,” I think it’s one of the most creative gospel song right now but please, what is the meaning?

Ada: “Oh Koko” means wonder (laughs) …thanks, we’re just bragging about our lives – master pieces of the craftsmanship of God, we are saying, have you seen what He made? Wonder Wonder Wonder! (plugging my earpiece to re-listen)

ada_bobo_meSelahAfrik: We just did an article on you where we talked about your exceptional beauty, can you tell us how you have manage to stay this exceptional, even as a mother and wife. Do you have a beauty therapy that keeps you looking this good?

Ada: (Laughs), how much will u pay, (laughs), firstly I’m a happy person… Joy, I workout sometimes, and thirdly, music not forgetting I’m in love… thanks for the complements. My head is ballooned now Oh

SelahAfrik: What’s your beauty routine getting ready for a ministration, event or red carpet?

 Ada: Mehn , I just try you know, I like to do what I like and look good in much more than keeping with trend. Then, for Ministrations… I roar in tongues!

 SelahAfrik: Do you work with stylist?

 Ada: Yes, I have an exceptional stylist, am sure she is feeling cool now reading this (laughs) .

SelahAfrik: What’s in your makeup bag?

Ada: (Chuckles), that bag is full sha

SelahAfrik: Which makeup item can you not leave home without?

Ada: None oh. I used to be a tom boy oh, so I’m upcoming in this department oh (seriously? [raises eyebrow] You had me fooled)

SelahAfrik: What’s your most comfortable outfit?

Ada: Baggies.

SelahAfrik: What is the most favourite amongst the items in your closet?


Ada and hubby, Moses Ehi

Ada: I have a lot of favourites though… a lot of cherished gifts, especially from my Bobo (I’m humming“Bobo Me” on Ada’s behalf).

 SelahAfrik: Do you have a signature fragrance?

 Ada: Mbaaa… Mbaaanu, if they pay me, maybe… but I will still add join.

SelahAfrik: Tell us about your family, how do you juggle being a wife and a mother with your ministry?

Ada: I have the best… the most understanding and supportive family. God is so good to me oh, everything I asked for and more, my father gave to me. The Holy Ghost does it all.

SelahAfrik: Any upcoming event, project, single, we should know about?

Ada: many, plenty, numerous, its plenty o, but I love the surprise thingy… but you all know my album is loading and the live in Botswana Concert featuring Frank Edwards and other artiste, also Charmain2DL just released a single where I featured so there you go. Lookout for new videos too.

SelahAfrik: Please give an advice to pretty females like you out there who are yet to encounter Jesus, use your testimony to encourage them.

Ada: Beauty (chuckles), is vanity, just like flower, it blossoms and fades, and no matter how beautiful you are, someone, somewhere is more beautiful. A lot of beautiful women are dead! what we remember is the impact they made! A good name outlives beauty. If you don’t have Jesus, your beauty cannot move a mountain, mine can, #justsaying.

SelahAfrik: Okay Ada, It’s time for you to make your shout out!

Shout out to everyone, Everyone born of God. Most Respect and love to Jesus my Lord and Saviour, Bros Jay Sir, your girl is forever loyal. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Sir, I salute you, thanks for teaching me the word of God and raising in me a Nation for Jesus. My kids, My husband and Friend Moses, I love you. To Every Minister of the Gospel, Cheer up, the word is working… BOOM!

New: Chris Shalom Reveals Title Of Forthcoming 6th Studio Album!

New: Chris Shalom Reveals Title Of Forthcoming 6th Studio Album!

Gospel music minister Chris Shalom is ready for the release of his 6th Studio album titled “My Beautifier”.

After the release of the 5th studio album “You are the Reason”, the Golden Voice, aka Chris Shalom embarked on the “Worship in Every Place” series. From the series, singles such as “My Beautifier”, Dry Bones are Rising” were birthed and has now translated into the 6th studio album.

“My Beautifier” was not just successful in statistics with close to 2 million views on Youtube, but the impact rippled across the world, garnering feedback and testimonies. Little wonder Chris Shalom chose to name the 6th studio album after the track.

The new album will form the body of work that makes up chapter 2 of the “Alive in Worship” series. “You are the Reason” album, which is the chapter 1 was released in 2015. The wave-making album contains singles such as “Power Belongs to You”, “God of Miracles & Wonders”, “Unto the King”, amongst others.

Chris Shalom will reveal more details on the forthcoming 6th studio album in the coming days. Keep your eyes peeled!

Twitter: @shalom_chris
Instagram: @ministerchrisshalom
Facebook: Chris Shalom

New: Black Sheep Of The Month: Billy Graham

Black Sheep Of The Month: Billy Graham

For the month of March, we want to highlight the amazing and inspiring Billy Graham. This amazing man was an American evangelist who preached all over the world leading millions, possibly billions to Christ. He served as a spiritual advisor to the U. S. presidents (Harry S. Truman to Barack Obama) and was vehemently against segregation at a time when a notion like that wasn’t very popular.

And though he had been so well known for so many years (and most definitely a name in my household), the first time I ever actually started to pay attention to him was when I first saw his TED Talk in 2010 (recorded 1998). I honestly thought it very interesting that they let a Christian preacher speak to people who seemed to focus a lot more on the technological and economic aspects of humanity, not always necessarily the spiritual.

In his 26 minute talk, he spoke about three problems technology cannot fix – human evil, human suffering, and death. He elaborated on each point referencing famous scientists like Einstein and biblical figures like David. And in a room full of philosophers, engineers and scholars, stood flat footed and claimed that David answered the three dilemmas with one passage.

Psalm 23:4: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”
Billy Graham lived a life of consistent evangelism and commitment to Christ and Christ’s people. He was bold and unwavering in his mission to proclaim the gospel to any and all who would hear it. He showed us all how to counter the culture and stay peculiar.
Check out BlackSheep Collective’s websitehere .


Music Video: Joepraize | Everything Is Blessed

Music Video: Joepraize | Everything Is Blessed

Gospel music icon Joepraize is out the video of the single “Everything is Blessed”.

The song released last year went viral on release and Joepraize has followed up with a video to complement the single.

“For God has commanded his blessings upon you so what you should do now is to use your mouth to say the same that God has said. Declare everything about you is blessed!” – Joepraize.

Watch video below:



Twitter: @joepraize



New: SINACH plans special meet and greet at Lekki Concert!

SINACH plans special meet and greet at Lekki Concert!

To be a part of the meet and greet SINACH please click here Note that we will notify you on the meet and greet once we confirm you’ve registered using the link above. Also, entry is free.
For the first time in over a decade on the Island, Nigeria born Gospel Music legend, SINACH is set for a SINACH LIVE IN CONCERT, LEKKI on the 30th of March, 2018 at the Prestigious Loveworld Arena, by Elegushi Round About, LEKKI, LAGOS, NIGERIA.

The highly sought after WAYMAKER and I KNOW WHO I AM, hitmaker has toured over 26 Countries in 15 months bringing God’s Presence, worship and healing to several thousands on all 5 continents, and brings it home this March.

For bookings, seat reservations and more information on how to attend and participate, please CLICK HERE

For more information, please reply this email.

Thank you and best regards.

News: Boko Haram Holds Back Christian As 101 Dapchi Girls Regain Freedom

News: Boko Haram Holds Back Christian As 101 Dapchi Girls Regain Freedom

Following the release of 101 Dapchi girls amongst the about 110 from Government Girls Science and Technical College Dapchi, that were kidnapped by Boko Haram sect on the 19th of February, Khadija Grema, one of the Dapchi girls who regained her freedom from the clutches of Boko Haram has revealed why one of the girls was not released as she explained how they were kidnapped and treated.

Speaking to Premium Times, Grema relayed the events of February 19.

“We were at the school, about to break our usual Monday voluntary fast, when the gunmen arrived. Everyone was confused and people were screaming; one of them said we should come close to him. They were shooting and everyone was confused. So we ran towards the school gate,” she said

“When we got there, they called on one Babangida to bring vehicles. They brought the vehicles and began to drive us away. Outside Dapchi, they asked that who amongst us were fasting. And some of us that were fasting were asked to come down from the vehicle. They gave us Maltina, meat, groundnut cake and pure water.

“We had our prayers after breaking the fast. Then we continued our journey until we got to a place with a big tree, they stopped and we were asked to cook food, it was dark, so they put on lamps.

“After eating, then we continued the journey for a long time until we got to a place where there is river, we came down from the trucks and they asked us to enter some canoes that took us across the river.

“Across the river, they took us to a house in one village that I don’t know; we stayed there for sometime. The next day, they came to ask us to come out and we were taken to the river and continued the journey until we got to where a thick forest area. That was where they kept us; and they have not changed our location since then.

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Motivational Video: AMOS_OCHE_EBIEGA


Amos Oche Ebiega

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations) AMOS OCHE EBIEGA is a 12 years old speaker and author that has published Twins & Murderer, Ruthless Ruler, and Cat & Dogs. He started reading at age 4, started writing at age 9. He has been opportuned to speak at various conferences and meetings including the AFRICAST convention. Amos passion is to leave the world a little better.

Watch and Share


Facebook page:  AMOS OCHE EBIEGA



Interview: Amos_Oche_Ebiega

Amos Oche Ebiega’s Interview

Amos Oche Ebiega




Q1. Tell us a little about yourself?

Ans: My name is Amos Oche Ebiega. I am the last child of my parents but not an over pampered one. I am an author and a motivational speaker. Currently, I am in my first year at Kaduna State University studying the Industrial Chemistry.

Q2. What are some of your hobbies and passion?

Ans: My hobbies (Sigh) I will say reading, singing, dancing, sports. The list is actually endless. But I have the passion for talking. When I say talking I don’t mean blabbing. I love to inspire people, move people with my words and help them to become better in life. Please don’t get it wrong I am not a mesmerizer but a motivational speaker.

Q3. You are a writer; tell us a bit about what you do?

Ans: Writing is one of my greatest passions. I have written books, poems, spoken words and motivational talks.

Q4. What drove you into writing?

Ans: I started writing at the age of nine while I was in primary school. Before then, I had fallen in love with reading up to the extent that I preferred storybooks and novels to my school books. One would say I consumed a lot and so I had to give out. Well, I won’t argue with that. I had read a lot of books and I felt that I should also write for other people to read.


Q5. How long have you been into it?

Ans: I am seventeen presently. If you do the maths, that will be approximately eight years and still counting.


Q6. Who is your mentor?

Ans: Before I answer that, I’ll first of all say my case is different. I have been mentored by a team of great men and women. I say ‘team’ because they all had one aim; to build me, which they did and are still doing. But I look up to my mom. She is a very strong person and has a large heart. She sees the best in everything irrespective of what other people see and say. I have been mentored by the likes of Solomon Bawa Aliyu, Andrew Gani Ikilama, Elisha Mamman, Popoola Paul, David T Raimi, Joshua Daniel and so many others that God has used to impact positive things in my life.


Q7. When growing up, did you ever see yourself as a superstar one day?

Ans: A lot of times. As a matter of fact, I loved the thought of becoming a superstar more than being a top grade in my class. I remember when I use to stand in front of the mirror and talk to an imaginary crowd. I had no idea it was going to be a dream come true.


Q8. What kind of books do you write?

Ans: Fictions mostly. But in every story, there’s a message being passed.


Q9. What is the title of your recent book?

Ans: Though it is unpublished, I will just share a little detail with you. It is titled “The Man Of.” It captures a lot of lessons, learned in life. The setting depicts that of the Americans in the early 16th centuries even though it is fictitious. It talks about leadership and so many other things that if I share more light on, you probably won’t need the book anymore (smiles).


Q10. Where can we get your book(s)?

Ans: You can reach me on Whatsapp at +2349070922107, +2348033175567 through a phone call, place your order and we will get it over to you. Alternatively,


Q11. What are some of the challenges you encountered as a writer?

Ans: To be honest, if I say I have been writing for close to eight years, I will be deceiving myself. There were times when things got so intense that I gave up on everything and decided that I wasn’t going to waste my time writing or even speaking. One of the major challenges I faced, was rejected because not everybody opens up to reading. Most events will prefer to host entertainers, fairs than to have a straight figure standing in front of people telling them that there’s more to life than partying and having fun. I am not against such. On the contrary, I do them during leisure. I still remember vividly the number of educational institutions I visited to see if my books could be read in schools in my hometown, state of residence and the country at large. Without any justifiable reason, they always turned me down. I will stick to this one I have mentioned because I don’t want the person reading this to be burdened with the kind of dysfunctional system we run in the world today.


Q12. What advice do you have for those out there who have the passion for writing but haven’t made a move?

Ans: Mike Murdoch said, “What you are unwilling to pursue, you will never get.”  The question is ‘how badly do you want it?’ To what degree are you ready to affect the lives of people with what you’ve written? I understand that due to the fear of failure, rejection and some other nasty feelings, you don’t want to make a move. But take it from me, someone who’s been there before, “Don’t be afraid to live your dreams. You may know the beginning but you certainly don’t know the end.” But with God on your side and you putting in an effort to ensure you succeed, I assure you that the sky won’t be your limit but your starting point.



Facebook Page: Amos Oche Ebiega

Whatsapp: +2349070922107 or +2348033175567




The Scriptures tell us that we all face temptations. First Corinthians 10:13 says, *“No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man.”* Perhaps this provides a little encouragement as we often feel that the world is bearing in on us alone and that others are immune to temptations. We are told that Christ was also tempted: *“For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but One who has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin”* (Hebrews 4:15).

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New music: You will run my life_Othniel Ikechukwu ft Moses Amaziah



You will run my life was inspired by a Ministration to a family that had a problem with their Son. He was rebellious and so much pain to his parents, their Son’s Name meant “Grand Father Is Living with Us”. After prayers his name was changed, His life changed and his testified…. Ask yourself who is running your life……..
Apst. Othniel Ikechukwu is the Senior Apostle over the THRONE ASSEMBLY an Arm of RHEMA LOVE THRONE MINISTRIES ABUJA, His Vision is to raise a people a people in the Kingdom for global relevance and to tilt the nations to fulfill prophecy in God, he is blessed with the Grace of receiving New Songs from throne of God
Facebook@ othniel Ikechukwu
Twitter: @othniel Ikechukwu
Instagram: @othniel Ikechukwu
Facebook: @ Moses Amaziah
Instagram: @ Moses Amaziah
Twitter: @ Moses Amaziah


New Music: Nothing_Impossible_by_PST._ANI



Here is the latest inspiring worship song by Award-winning /Renowned worshipper,  Izebhijie Aaron Nelson a.k.a  Pst. ANI from Edo state titled ‘’ Nothing Impossible’’.

He became famous with his first single titled ‘’ Incense’’, which is one of the most-played Gospel songs in recent time.

 When interviewed, find below what he said concerning his new single ‘’Nothing Impossible’’.

The inspiration behind nothing impossible stem from the bowel of the spirit and from the book of

Micah 7:7 ’’Therefore I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the Lord of my salvation: my God will hear me’’.


Kindly Download Nothing Impossible and thank me later





Social Media handles

Facebook: Aaron Nelson Izebhijie

Twitter: @PST A.N.I

Instagram: Izebhijie




Herdsmen Killings: Pastor Adeboye Visits Benue, Reveals What God Will Do

Herdsmen Killings: Pastor Adeboye Visits Benue, Reveals What God Will Do

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the
Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, on Friday visited Benue State and prayed for God’s intervention in the ongoing killings in the State.

The cleric led a cross-section of Benue people to pray for the state, assuring that God would take up the battle and put an end to killings everywhere in Nigeria.

“We will call on God to fight this battle that we cannot fight. I’m here to pray for the state that the helper of the helpless will fight our battle.

“We will ask God to arise and put an end to this bloodshed. Let there be peace in Nigeria as a whole. There will be no more bloodshed in Nigeria,”
he said.

He said that in accordance with the Holy Bible, that
the horse is prepared for the day of battle but safety is of the Lord as he stressed that men can hide from men but no one could hide from God.

According to him, “Men can be corrupted, they can decide to do what is not 100 percent correct with the assistance of others but there is no way you can compromise the holiness of God. He is a Holy God, he created us all. And I know when we call on him to intervene, what is impossible for man is possible for God.”
While condoling with the governor and people of the state over loss of lives, he said his family and the entire church had continued to weep for Benue everyday since the killings began on New Year Day.
“We have felt every pain you have felt. We have wept when we saw you weeping. As a matter of fact, there is no way a man of God will not feel the pain when he sees mass burial anywhere. Some of those people are our children and some are not yet converted, so we suffer double loss. When somebody is dead, you can’t convert that person.

That is why we want these killings to stop. The Almighty God who doesn’t play, pranks or compromise can stop it,” the RCCG overseer posited.


2018 UTME: When you’re to check your results – JAMB tells candidates

2018 UTME: When you’re to check your results – JAMB tells candidates

The JAMB’s head of media Fabian Benjamin has disclosed when some of the results would be released

– Benjamin declared that the results of examination that ended on Friday, March 16 would be ready by Monday, March 19

– He, however, said the board was delaying some of the results because each has to undergo total scrutiny before being posted on its website to avoid cancellations later The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has urged its 2018 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) candidates to patiently await the results of the just concluded examinations.

The head of media of the board, Fabian Benjamin, stated this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Saturday, March 17, in Abuja.

He said the board was working diligently to ensure that the results are processed and posted on the board’s website soonest.

Benjamin said that modalities were being put in place to ensure all the results are transparent and accurate.

He reiterated that the board was delaying some of the results because each has to undergo total scrutiny before being posted on its website to avoid cancellations later. According to him, some of the results would be ready by Monday, March 19.

He also assured that all technical difficulties encountered to access the website were being addressed.

Some of candidates who sat for the examinations earlier, were yet to receive their results. While some said that they received the reply of “your results are not ready yet”, others complained that the site says “you did not register for this examination.’’

The examination, which was scheduled to end on Saturday, March 17, ended on Friday, March 16.

Meanwhile, had reported that following complaints by some Muslim stakeholders in the country, the WAEC made some minor adjustments in its timetable for the 2018 May/June WASSCE. WAEC’s director of public affairs, Demianus Ojijeogu said on Saturday, March 17, that the board had to adjust the timetable to accommodate the interests of Muslims.

Who should be held responsible for exam malpractice? Student, teacher or parents? on TV:


Remember these today

*Remember these today*


���� *Money does not respond to qualifications,*

��‍♂Otherwise the wealthiest people should have been *Ph.D holders.*

���� *Money does not respond to age,*

��‍♂Otherwise the world’s oldest twins would have been the *richest.*

��‍��It is not about your *degree,*

��‍♀ it is all about what you do after the *degree.*

��‍��Have you noticed that the *1st class degree holders* Are not the *Richest*
Neither are the *3rd class degree holders the poorest.* There is more to being *wealthy than education.*

��‍♀ The most important thing is *Mindset* and the next thing is a *Commitment to self DISCIPLINE.*

��‍♂The only person holding your key to success is *YOU.*

����‍♀There are no *secrets to success* but the challenge is that very few are ready and willing to pay the price to succeed.

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