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New Music: Mr Peacemaker – Holy

Here comes a new sound from Mr Peacemaker Achoja titled Holy,
The Original version which was one of the fans best song on his last album CLOSE To YOU featured gospel sensation Chris Morgan which was released a few years ago,

This version is sure going to bless you, please download, enjoy and share.


Sammie Okposo Gives New Single “Kabiyesi Bayete” Out For Free In Celebration Of Birthday | @sammieokposo

Award winning International gospel singer Sammie Okposo is adding another year to his age today and to celebrate that, he is releasing this beautiful  tune titledKabiyesi Bayete. Not only is he blessing us with this masterpiece, but he is also giving it out for free.

Kabiyesi Bayete is a classic Sammie Okposo sound with exceptional contemporary instrumentation, vocal dexterity and super harmonious background vocals. This annointed song will surely bless you.

Sammie Okposo who is a gospel music icon out of Africa has been blessing the world with powerful spiritual songs and psalms for decades.

As he celebrates his birthday today, 30th of May, we pray for more anointing and exploits in his ministry.

Listen & Download 

Download Here



Twitter | Instagram: @SammieOkposo


“God Has Something To Say” – TY Bello Enjoins Wole Oni, PSQ & George In Spontaneous Worship

Gospel music singer and photographer TY Bello has released yet another edition of her spontaneous worship series. This one features Wole OniPSQ and George and it is titled God has something to Say.

“Yes indeed, God has so much He wants to say to us,”TY Bello says. “But this is often heard when you choose to open your mouth to echo what He’s saying in his word and your heart. We choose to not be quiet and make our declarations in Him. This unrehearsed (spontaneous) song blessed us .. it was a long one because He wouldn’t stop speaking . Special thanks to Wole Oni and The Perfect 4th String Quartet for having a unique instinct for the sounds of heaven and to George for always being at the cutting edge of that sound . I pray this song blesses your time alone with God as it has blessed mine.”

Watch the video now:



Twitter: @tybellotweets

Instagram: @tybello


Video: Name Above All Names – Jonathan Kome

Gospel minister, Jonathan Kome, is launching the highly anticipated video for the song, Name above all Names, which is a part of his album, God in Me.

A sound is going forth from Heaven into all the earth, declaring the majesty and wonder of our God. This sound is proclaiming His name. The essence of who He has lovingly revealed Himself to be to us, which encompasses His goodness, faithfulness, mercy and love.That sound of worship is here with us today. JESUS!

His is the Name above all names.The Lion and the Lamb, Prince of Peace, the First and the Last, the one true God. The 24 elders, hosts of angels and creation never fail in their order to give Him glory.

Recorded at the House of Jordan in Lagos, Nigeria, the video captures the purity of authentic worship presented to the Lord.

Watch Video Below


JONATHAN CHIDIEBERE UGORJI also known asJonathan Kome (The Arrow Of The Lord) a name given to him by the LORD which simply means “God’s gift”, is one who is passionate and completely sold out to GOD not minding the cost as long as it’s all to reveal the one true GOD, FATHER and KING to the world that HE is REAL.

Jonathan Kome formerly based in the UK now back in Nigeria is one who is out with the message of TRUTH that is “WORSHIP” more of a lifestyle than the music and words” that the LORD be GLORIFIED and Worshiped in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.

The sole aim of his GOD given songs is to exalt the name of the LORD OF HOST and to make the world understand, that the best way to walk with GOD is to be LED BY HIS SPIRIT and not by the systems of this world or religion.


Yahweh is lifted high_Akinleye Michael

Listen & Download

Download here


This a song to everyone all over the world.let us join hands and voices as we declare the majesty of our King…his name is Yahweh.


Yahweh is lifted high,he’s the king of kings
Yahweh is lifted high,he’s the Lord of Lord’s (2×) …..(Let us lift him high)

Yahweh is lifted high,(yes yes)he’s the king of kings,
Yahweh is lifted high,he’s the Lord of Lord’s
(He’s higher than the heavens)Yahweh is lifted high,(he reigns supreme)

he’s the king of kings,(Let us bow before him)
Yahweh is lifted high,(Yahweh) he’s the Lord of Lord’s …..(.this is how we praise him)

Yahweh,Yahweh, yahweh..most high
Yahweh,Yahweh,Yahweh….most high
(Even the devil knows)Yahweh,Yahweh,Yahweh.(that he is)…most high (Yahweh)Yahweh,Yahweh,Yahweh..(Yahweh) .most high

Repeat solo (2×)

Heaven and Earth adore him,Angels bow before him,there is none above him in all the earth…(none before him,none above him,none besides him)
Heaven and Earth adore him,(he is God alone)Angels bow before him,(God all by himself)there is none above him in all the earth

(He reigns supreme,he is the king of all the earth and heavens,none can stand his majesty,he’s the Lord of all)

Demons flee at his presence
At his name sickness bow
Darkness stands no chance in his light
He’s the name above all names….

Yahweh is lifted high,he’s the king of kings….my Yahweh is lifted high,he’s the Lord of Lord’s…. Yahweh

Get other songs by Akinleye Michael

Fact: Why are most Nigerian graduates unemployable

I’ll tell you a story.

There’s this girl who aced all her subjects in secondary school.

Not just acing but award-worthy educational success.

She was so good that at her Junior Secondary 3 (JSS 3) level, she was solving mathematical problems from Senior Secondary 1 & 2 (SS 1 & 2) curriculum.

1st Mistake

She loved Maths & computers but was admitted into the university to study Geology.

Today, she still thinks she would have been a statistics wizard if she’d been allowed to just study Math or Engineering. You know – subjects where she doesn’t have to always cram some qualitative garbage but provide quantitative solutions.

2nd Mistake

When she got into the university, she realized she didn’t have to study very hard. Very few people were bothering to anyway. She was extremely smart & could hold her own but it became easier to combine intellectual efforts with other students at assignments, tests & final exams.

The system allowed it.

All her friends did it so, why fight it?

3rd Mistake

While at school, no one ever taught her how to write a résumé or successfully approach interviews.

She, just like everyone around her wanted a good life but the system pretty much set them up to fail.

When she graduated, she met a professional at an international oil & gas company who asked her what she wanted to do in life & to explain her undergraduate degree experience but she was not prepared for that.

She gave answers which were weak, mostly incoherent, lacked precision or clarity.

She’d never thought of herself in that light.

The internet wasn’t readily accessible back then so she was pretty much left on her own with her fellow ignorant peers.

She also had a great & supportive family who she leaned on.

Luckily for her, she got some mentors, then left the country for her masters degree.

At 1st, she struggled at her Canadian university.

Correcting her 2nd mistake

She had to actually learn all those skills & resources she didn’t bother with back in Nigeria due to combined students’ efforts.

She had to read all those textbooks she never bothered with in her Nigerian university in order to excel at her program.

Correcting her 3rd mistake

She also met lecturers whose method of teaching was about empowering students to run with their ideas.

It wasn’t about multiple choice questions but making a case of why Case A is better/worse than Case B.

It made her actually think for the 1st time in her life. She learned how to make great presentations. It was a confidence boost. It was exhilarating!

She learned about plagiarism which is a very despicable thing. She also learned about self-development, professional development & presentations.

She learned it was ok to make decisions, make mistakes & then learn from them.

She became comfortable working alone & also with a team. She learned the power of independence.

She was a different person.

She became more confident about her thoughts & ideas. No one laughs at her mistakes nor condemns her for them.

Her bosses don’t care about always being right or barking orders at those under them. Team contributions is crucial, encouraged & needed.

Everybody is equal. No one feared anyone. It was a healthy environment. She was valued. She freely runs her program the way she sees fit.

This is my story.

There’s no correcting my 1st mistake. If I ever do, I’ll tell a story about it.

If you read this, you’d understand how the Nigerian system encourages laziness & might discourage talent because of envy or pride.

Many Nigerian graduates are victims of their own underdeveloped & redundant society.

Maybe with the internet, a few might self-improve. Otherwise, they’re unemployable because there’s very few people to teach them better.

Note to any Nigerian student reading this – don’t take the easy way out. Read not just to pass your examinations but to actually know.

You’d be truly a better person & student for it.

Good luck!


Video: Deitrick Hardon Preaching On The Streets

International Gospel Artiste Deitrick Haddon was preaching on the street in a viral video. He and some other Ministers were found doing street evangelism on the corner of 103rd and Central, Los Angeles.

This evangelism is a part of a Revival Deitrick is hosting. The revival is themed Refresh L.A.

Acts 3:19 NIV states
Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord…This Sunday come be refreshed with no strings attached. Get a fresh start with a dip in the pool that will cleanse you of sin, doubt, fear, hopelessness, suicide, death, & confusion! You don’t have to be a member to be dipped in the water. Join us at 10950 S Central Ave Los Angeles 90059 at the Phoenix Hall inside the WLCAC Complex. Just a few things to remember please bring a towel and a change of clothing. We will be giving out free Hot dogs and lemonade to the community as well as free groceries and clothing! Spread the word! #hillcitychurchla#RefreshLA -says Deitrick


Iryne Rock Releases Debut Album “Just For You (JFY)” | @irynerock

Nigerian born gospel singer & songwriter ‘Iryne Rock‘ releases her debut album titled, JFY (Just For You).

The album, which was executive produced by the multi-talented singer and songwriter, is the culmination of a project inspired by God. As the title of the album JFY (Just For You) suggests, it aims to shift the listener’s focus on God. “The goal of the album is to reach out to everybody, to remind them of God’s unending love, and to get people to reflect on their relationship with God.”

Iryne’s style of music cuts across different genres and incorporates a lot of harmonies, a homage to her background in the choir and her cultural heritage. The album contains music that is sure to inspire and motivate all listeners. The lyrics are heavily influenced by the word of God.

Album track list


Get Album Below

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Twitter: @irynerock


Music: Joyful Praise | Alaye | Feat. Andrew Bello [@joyfulpraise]

UK-based Nigerian music minister Joyful Praise just dropped a brand new single titled Alaye meaning ‘Only the Living will praise you Lord’ . It is a song birth out of a heart of gratitude to God Almighty. She featured another talented singer Andrew Bello. Alaye was written and produced by Shaback.

Joyful Praise is a UK-based Nigerian Music Minister whose music career started at the tender age of 6 in the children’s choir within her local church. From there she joined the adult choir at the age of 12 and continues to express her fervent love for the Lord through her music.

Joyful Praise’s debut album titled ‘Nothin 2 Somethin‘was released in 2016, recently followed by the release of her hit single in March 2018, titled “Your Grace Is Enough (Remix)” now she is here with Alaye. All her songs are available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and other online music stores.

Joyful Praise, is married with two kids and resides in London with her family.

Get Song Below

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Twitter:  @joyfulpraise

MusicVid: Chris Morgan | Tobe | Feat. Naomee [@chrismorganng]

The legendary worshiper and all time seasoned artisteChris Morgan, the crooner of Abba Father and other great songs hits us with a beautiful eastern sound featuring Naomee whose voice soothes even the dying soul, Produced by award winning Donsam.

This is a song of thanksgiving and an invitation to everyone to join praise God as He celebrates his birthday yesterday.

This beautiful tune is accompanied by a great video shot and directed by Abraham Daniels (Light Cinema).

Watch video below



Twitter:  @chrismorganng


Gospel Music, Believe – Ommoh Ge (@OmmohGe)

I Believe is a powerful song of faith by the versatile gospel artiste Ommoh Ge. In this song she declares her strong believe in Jesus and the great power The Name Jesus has. She believes, because He is a God that never fails and his love for us is unconditional.

I believe I am The Head and not the tail, I beleive I am above and not beneath.. I believe In The Name Of Jesus – says Ommoh Ge


I faced so many challenges

I believe its well with my soul

Anytime I call he answered me

And embrace me with sweet love

He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulders

When I felt like given up He called me by name say my child am here to pick you up



I believe in (6x)


I believe in (6x)



I believe am the head and not the tail

I believe am above and not beneath

I believe am the Righousness of God in Christ Jesus everything is working out for my good

I believe am the head and not the tail

I believe am above and not beneath

I believe

I believe in the name of Jesus



Miracles in that name

At the name of Jesus every kneel must bow

Every tongue must confess  that Jesus is lord

Barren wombs are opened in the name of Jesus

There is promotion

There is favour

There is healing

Whatever you need its in the name of Jesus



I believe

Breakthrough is in the name

I believe

Prosperity its in the name of jesus

I Believe


In Jesus


Supernatural breakthrough

Believe believe believe believe

Chains are broken

I believe in the name of Jesus


Situations turn around in the name

I believe

Cancer is gone in the name

I believe

Just believe in the name of Jesus oh oh oh oh

Believe in the name of Jesus


Hallelujah 2x

I believe in Jesus

Thank you for dying on the cross

Thank you for restituting us back to the father





Instagram / Facebook / Twitter: @OmmohGe

Music + Lyrics: Oluwa O tobi_Tope Alabi

LYRICS + MUSIC (Oluwa o tobi)

Play & Download here

Play Oluwa E tobi

Oluwa o tobi
o tobi o, o tobi ×2
kos’eni tale fi s’afiwe re o
o tobi o, ko s’eda tale fi s’akawe re o
o tobi o oluwa ×2

O tobi o, oluwa giga
lorile ede gbogbo
gbigbega ni o
pupopupo ni o
o koja omi okun
at’osa o ga po
ajulo ose julo

Oba Lori aye o tobi o eh
agbani loko eru
olominira ton deni lorun
ofi titobi gba mi
lowo ogun t’apa obi mi oka
olugbeja mi to ba r’ogun
lalai mu mi lo to segun
Akoni ni o
Boti tobi to oo
lanu re tobi
boti tobi se o
lododo re tobi o
o tobi tife tife
oni majemu ti kii ye
Aro nla to gbo jije minu
aye gbogbo alai le tan
ogbon to koja ori aye gbogbo ooo
akoko otobi, o tobi o

Ipilese ogbori o yeye
O Tobi
Ibere eni to f’ogbon da ohun gbogbo
Igbeyin ola nla, o lala oo
O Tobi
Opin aye a’torun kosi rure
O tobi o se sakawe lailai o
O tobi
Agbagba merinlelogun nki o tobi
Awon angeli won ki o o tobi
O Tobi
Olorun Elijah Oludele Abina
Oma tobi laye mi o tobi ooo
O tobi


Music : My Worship – Phil Thompson

My Worship by Phil Thompson has been topping the gospel music chart for weeks now and we had the opportunity to interview the supper talented for GYM teacher on Gospotainment via instagram.

According to him Phil’

the idea of the song came to me one morning while i was doing laundry. It just dawned on me that every one’s worship is as unique as their finger print.

Here is My Worship by Phil Thompson


Music: Psalm Ebubé | Olòlúfé Mi + Kìlójásí (Celebration) | @Psalmebube

Talented Gospel artist Akinyemi O. Samuel popularly known as Psalm Ebube releases two new singles Ingles Olòlúfé Mi and Kìlójásí (Celebration)

“Olólùfẹ́ Mí” is a Yoruba word that means “Love Of My Life” describes the reality of long-term love, power of love and finding the right one to spend eternity with. The song’s catchy chorus will get you singing along in no time without even realizing it.

“Kìlójásí” is all about celebration and appreciation. Remember everything in this creation is a sign of celebration. The track was produced by Segigo

Listen & Download

Download Ololufe Mi Doownload Kilojasi



Twitter: @Psalmebube


Beyonce Buys A Church In New Orleans

International and Award – Winning singer,Beyoncé, has reportedly bought a church in New Orleans. According to report from TMZ, this music star is the new owner of a stone structured, 7,500 sq. ft house of God in The Big Easy.

The Church is more than 100-years-old was listed at $850,000 (£631,000) foot. It has been out of use as a religious place for a while.

The news came weeks after San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral Church held a Beyonce Mass with more than 900 people in attendance to worship the singer.