Message: Been-Sold-out-to-God

Today’s SOD – 2018-01-16

SCRIPTURE: So Abram departed,”as the Lord had spoken unto him; and Lot went with him”: and Abram was seventy and five years old when he departed out of Haran. Genesis 12:4.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: God directs all the affairs of the dedicated.

Yesterday,”we looked at what it means to be dedicated to God. We saw twelve different definitions of dedication. It is important you go through yesterday’s message again in order to have a full grasp of it. This is because a person is a product of his level of understanding. What a man knows is what he shows. To be dedicated to God, there is a need to know what dedication is all about.

Today, we shall explore one of the definitions of dedication, which is being sold out to God.

From our anchor passage, we understand that Abraham, by his action, was sold out to God. When God asked him to get out of his land, family and kindred to a land He would show him, he obeyed and went out, not knowing from the beginning, exactly where he was going. That was dedication.

Now, what does it mean to be sold out to God?

1. Being sold out to God means allowing God to have the ownership of your life in reality and in totality
It is not allowing your life to be controlled by yourself. Dedicated people do not own their lives, time, or resources. When a person says, ‘I own my life; I will live my life the way I want it. Don’t tell me what to do with my life’, it means such a person is not dedicated to God.

2. Being sold to God means allowing God to dictate the direction of your life.
When God dictates the direction of your life, you do not do things as you want; it means you are being sold out to God.

3. Being sold out to God means allowing God to have the final say over the issues of your life.
A person is not sold out to God when God does not have the final say over the issues of his or her life, work, marriage, business, etc.

4. Being sold out to God means sacrificing your personal agenda on the altar of consecration and relationship with God
This means, you only do what God wants you to do. You will not do what is not in God’s agenda for your life.

REMEMBER THIS”: God directs all the affairs of the dedicated.

1. Make up your mind to be sold out to God.
2. Let God dictate and direct the affairs and details of your life.

PRAYER: O Lord,”I ask for the grace to be sold out to You completely, in Jesus’ Name.


AMAZING FACT: Noise causes the pupils of your eyes to dilate. Even very small noises can do this.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 16/01/1120: The Council of Nablus was held,”establishing the earliest surviving written laws of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem

DAILY READING”: Genesis 32:13 to 34:31,”Matthew 11″:7 to 30,”Psalm 14″:1 to 7,”Proverbs 3″:19 to 20.

QUOTE: Any step taken outside God is a step into disaster. Culled from 21 FOOLISH THINGS PEOPLE DO by Dr Paul Enenche.